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  • How To: Easily Set Your Slipper /rc-how-tos/easily-set-your-slipper-clutch/

    Surprisingly, your offroad vehicles slipper clutch is one of the most underrated tuning options. It not onlyhelps protect the drivetrain from damage during sudden jolts, it also allows you tune some slip into thedrive, making it easier to accelerate on slippery surfaces. The process to set the slipper clutch is prettysimple, but there is still a little bit of hesitation when people attempt to adjust it. Too much slip and you canoverheat the slipper; to tight and you can do damage to the spur gear (or gears inside the transmission).

    Ive seen a couple different ways to do it, but this is by far the easiest, most controlled and effective wayIve used. Follow the simple steps below to set your slipper.

    1. Tools Required

  • Almost all kits (and RTRs) come with a 4-way tool that allows adjustment of various items on your car (ortruck). This will work fine, but if for some reason you dont have it anymore, youll need to find a suitablereplacement. The slipper nuts are different from vehicle to vehicle, so youll have to do the research onyour car to find what size hex wrench to get.

    2. Initial Setting

    If you have an RTR, the slipper clutch was set from the factory and should be pretty close to perfect. You

  • can use this as your initial setting prior to making any adjustments. If you own a kit, go ahead and set it perthe instruction manual (usually tightening it all the way down and backing it off 1/8 or so turns). This shouldalso be a good starting point before adjustment.

    3. Initial Test

    Turn your transmitter on, followed by your vehicle. Set the vehicle on your pit are facing away from you.With the transmitter in your left hand, place your left forearm on the left rear tire and your right hand on theright rear tire. HOLD FIRMLY! Now apply full throttle, but only in short bursts. The front of your vehicleshould lift off the surface approximately 4-5.

    4. Make Any Adjustments

  • If the front of you vehicle doesnt lift off the surface (or less than 3), your slipper is too loose. Tighten itapproximately 1/4 turn and repeat Step 3. If the front end jacks up higher than 5, your slipper is too tight.Loosen it approximately 1/4 turn and repeat Step 3. Once you have the front end lifting approximately 4-5,the slipper is set to a good starting position.

    Hit the Track

    The true test of how well your slipper clutch is set will be on the track (against the track conditions). Take afew laps and see how it feels; if you feel you need to make further adjustments, do so in smaller, 1/8 turnincrements.

    How To: Easily Set Your Slipper Clutch1. Tools Required2. Initial Setting3. Initial Test4. Make Any AdjustmentsHit the Track