DIY: How to change a harley davidson motorcycle tire

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DIY: How To Change A Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tire

DIY: How To Change A Harley Davidson Motorcycle Tire

Changing a motorcycle tire on a Harley Davidson is not rocket science. For the do it yourself type person, this is an example of a simple project you can do on your own time to save money.

Before you begin you need to make sure you have the right tools needed for the job. You can pick these up at most hardware stores or local bike shops. Tools needed: Valve Core Tire IronBead Breaker Air PumpSilicone Lubricant (Spray) Breezer Tire Tool

Step 1: Remove Air

If there is any remaining air in the old tire you want to release it using the valve core. It will either need to be screwed on or snapped on to the valve to keep it open and let air flow out. Note: If the tire is full or nearly full of air you want to make sure that you hold on to the valve core tightly.

Step 2: Break The Seal

Insert the bead breaker between the tire and the rim of the wheel and gently force the wedge until you hear a pop meaning the bead breaks loose. Separate the tire from the rim on both sides without doing damage to the rim.

Step 3: Lubricate The Tire

In order to have less resistance when you remove the tire from the wheel you want to use the silicone lubricant spray on the tire bead. Once you do this the tire irons should allow you to easily remove the tire from the rim.

Step 4: Time To Put On The New Tire

Before you try to place the tire on the wheel make sure you lubricate the inner walls.Then align the tire with the wheel so that the valve stem lines up correctly.

Step 5: Reverse The Process

Take the same tire iron you used before and use it to push the tire into the rim. Again do this gently as to not cause damage to the rim. Then you want to fill up the tire with air, but do not fill it all the way up. Take the breezer tool and seal the tire by rotating the bead into the edges of the rim. Fill up the tire the rest of the way with air and check the pressure. As long as it maintains and you do not hear any leaks you should be good to go. When you reattached the wheel onto your Harley Davidson motorcycle take it out for a short test ride. Then check the air pressure once more. If everything is good then take it out on a longer ride. Test it one last time to make sure there are no leaks.

Obviously you will need to know how to do a few more things like remove a wheel on a Harley Davidson motorcycle in order to be able to change out a tire. For more tips on do it yourself Harley Davidson maintenance be sure to follow the Demons Cycle blog.


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