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<ul><li><p>Mobile Web Development: Your website content optimized for mobile devices </p><p> CONTENT WEBSITES SEO SOCIAL MEDIA LEAD LIFECYCLING MOBILE VIDEO </p><p>MOBILE PACKAGES </p><p>. </p><p> Company Description page A section that lists company locations/branches with clickable contact information Contact Us page Industry News (content acquired through RSS/XML feed if available) Blog capability (sources company blog through existing content management system) </p><p> Video capability (video originating from YouTube or standard XML/RSS feed) One static searchable database (data is downloaded with app database changes </p><p>would require additional fees) Example: Store Locator Capability to offer text and image based promotions with lead capture. Leads are stored </p><p>in a CRM program (Application Protocol Interface must be in place) A second database (example: Product/Service listing) Ad integration (ability to serve up ads) Pricing will be based on app development for one platform (Apple, Blackberry or </p><p>Android). Additional custom fees will be quoted for multiple platform functionality. </p><p> Client required opening an account with Apple, Blackberry or Android. </p><p>Mobile Apps, Basic </p><p>Additional options </p><p>Penton Marketing Services will design and enable a mobile app specifically for your company. The package options listed below provide different levels of functionality based on individual company needs. </p><p> Capabilities </p><p>WAP sites App development Mobile Marketing Response analysis </p><p>Enhance your Mobile Apps efforts with these related products: </p><p> Content </p><p> Blog Moderation </p><p> White Paper </p><p> Video </p><p>Learn more: </p></li></ul>