Things to avoid when shipping a car

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  1. 1. Things to Avoid When Shipping a Car There are many reasons that people choose to ship their car across the country. Snowbird auto transport allows people that move to warmer climates in the winter to bring their car with them. Other types of car transport services can also be beneficial for many different reasons. When people do decide to ship a car, they usually expect certain things. They want to see that their car arrives at the destination undamaged. They want the car to arrive at the designated time and they do not want to pay more than they should. Before you ship your car, learn some of the mistakes that should be avoided. 1: Get the price in writing When you are provided with a price for shipping your car, make sure that it is in writing so there is no question about it later. It is also important to make sure the price that is quoted includes all of the fees including pick up, delivery, fuel surcharges and any other fees that could raise the price of the shipping significantly. 2: Agree on the mode of transport There are two types of shipping used for cars. Open air transport and closed containers are typically used. If a person is looking for classic car transport services, they may want to make sure they used a closed container transport company. Make sure that the type of transport is spelled out in the contract. 3: Have your documents in order Proof of ownership and proof of insurance are often required by the companies that transport cars. There should also be a vehicle inspection document that is performed when the car is picked up and when it is delivered. Take the time to read all of the documents to make sure they are in order and accurate. 4: Check the companys insurance The car moving service should have adequate insurance to cover any problems that may occur. They should also be willing to show proof of that insurance to the person that is shipping the car. 5: Clean out your car During transport, the car will be out of your control. Make sure that you empty it of any valuables that may be stored in the car. Some transport companies do allow for luggage and other things to be stored in the car although they do limit the weight and amount of things that can be left in the car. If you choose to do this, make sure that anything stored in your
  2. 2. car is secure. You should also document what is being stored in your car and the contents of your car to help if there are any problems later on.