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Titanium Metal Treatment with Zero Friction Technology™

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QNET’s Titanium Metal Treatment with Zero Friction Technology™ is a premium-grade engine oil additive for cars, motorbikes, lorries, buses, lawn mowers, tractors and basically any combustion machinery. Learn more about it in this presentation.

Text of Titanium Metal Treatment with Zero Friction Technology™

  • FRICTION Why is it important to eliminate ? 1/3 of a cars fuel consumption is used in overcoming friction. F r i c t i o n l o s s has direct impact on both fuel consumption and, as a result, air emissions.
  • The modern internal combustion engine has dozens of moving parts. Those parts rub against each other, creating tremendous heat friction that can damage the engine. http://auto.howstuffworks.com Titanium Metal Treatment uses nanotechnology that reduces friction by more than half!
  • REVOLUTIONARY OIL ADDITIVE that blends into your existing lubricant to penetrate the micropores of your engine Premium-grade ENGINE OIL ADDITIVE lawn mowers cars motorbikes lorries tractors other heavy machinery
  • Dramatically r e d u c e s t h e f r i c t i o n of your engine Outperforms conventional oil at a similar price by forming an extremely thin but tough low friction protective coating onto metal surfaces Protects metal components subjected to friction + Lowers noise level, operating temperature & exhaust emission Effectively improves compression and prolongs the life span of all metal mechanisms
  • Works better than conventional engine treatments by being compatible with other oils, greases and lubricants Prevents dirt & sludge build-up for better responsiveness and improved performance Enriches performance motoring to rejuvenate and refresh your engine Enables your engine to operate at its full potential WHATS IN IT ? ULTIMATE ACTIVE CLEANSING TECHNOLOGY
  • NANOTECHNOLOGY n. Systems manufactured at a molecular scale The Titanium Metal Treatment has new generation surface-reconditioning nano lubricant for engine oil. Double Action Effect
  • Keeps engine cooler, smoother and quieter up to 15% Keeps engine oil clean & extends engine oil change up to 5,000km Improves fuel economy up to 30% Ensures smoother engine start-up Increases acceleration up to five times Improves engine performance & prolongs engine life 6 Amazing Benefits 1 2 4 6 3 5
  • Lasts as much as 3x longer; longer oil change cycles Cleaner, meaner, and greener Minimises engine noise, conditions & protects engine from extra strains VSConventional Oil Is sustained for a shorter period High volatility; vaporises out & exhausts quickly Engine noise remains the same and is strenuous
  • Less engine resistance & more horsepower Contains fewer contaminants & other elements that contribute to sludge build-up Stands extremes of engine temperature more efficiently VSConventional Oil Lower overall engine efficiency Has more contaminants and causes higher frictions Not compatible with extreme engine temperatures
  • Product Features TITANIUM METAL TREATMENT Brand W Brand X Brand Y Brand Z Helps external engine life Better fuel efficiency (Less fuel consumption) up to 30% up to 8% Outstanding High Temperature Protection up to 220 C Exceptional start-up protection VSConventional Oil
  • Product Features TITANIUM METAL TREATMENT Brand W Brand X Brand Y Brand Z Extends engine lifespan and prolongs service interval 5000km more Universal & multifunctional applicable for transmission, power steering, gearbox, household use Green Technology Product Using Falex Machine Test (Total bars & Duration) 12 bars up to 10 minutes 12 bars below 5 minutes 4 bars below 10 seconds 4 bars below 10 seconds 3 bars below 7 seconds VSConventional Oil
  • Titanium Metal Treatment helps reduce air pollution significantly, and improves overall engine performance by allowing the engine to experience better combustion, thus reducing unwanted smoke emissions. Green Technology
  • How do I use it? QNETs Titanium Metal Treatment is compatible with all oils, greases and any other lubricants. It may be added at any time without changing the lubricant in use, provided the lubricant has not exceeded the manufacturers recommended service intervals. add 60 ml per litre every 1 year or every 30,000 km, whichever comes first CRANK CASE add 60 ml per litre every 1 year or every 30,000 km, whichever comes first TRACTOR ENGINE add 120 ml for every 50,000 km TRANSMISSION add 120 ml for every 50,000 km GEAR BOX POWER STEERING add 60 ml for every 50,000 km
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