4 kitchen makeover essentials for australian homes

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<ol><li> 1. 4 Kitchen Makeover Essentials for Australian Homes A kitchen makeover is important, but not all homeowners know exactly what to do or where to begin. Many end up spending a lot on features they do not want or fail to recreate the design they had in mind. Some even end up renovating their kitchen multiple times before finally settling on a design they really want. There a lot of things to consider when renovating a kitchen space. To maximise design opportunities and avoid making costly changes, it pays to know which aspects to prioritise. Here is a quick roundup of kitchen makeover essentials for the modern Australian homeowner: Available Space The first thing homeowners should look into is how much space is available. This helps designers and renovation professionals draft their design plan and make the necessary adjustments early on. For instance, if there is enough space in the kitchen, homeowners can make the decision to add an island. </li><li> 2. Colour Theme The right colour palette creates the right atmosphere. It is important to choose a colour scheme carefully. It is also best to use specific hues on important kitchen features. Coloured glass splashbacks, for instance, can easily add a sophisticated feel to the kitchen. Storage Efficient storage spaces can make a huge difference to the kitchen design and layout. For instance, homeowners can simply use the space beneath countertops and tables for storage. This helps remove the clutter and saves space at the same time. Lighting Proper lighting is the one element that can help homeowners save on unnecessary features. It is always a good idea to have more windows to allow natural light in; windows also act as a natural exhaust. Natural illumination fleshes out the best details of the kitchen and can highlight anything you want to emphasise. Kitchen makeovers can sometimes become overwhelming, but with enough planning, one can make the most of project and turn their kitchen into the space they have always wanted. References: http://www.bhg.com/kitchen/remodeling/planning/must-have-kitchen-features/#page=1 http://www.perthcityglass.com.au/ http://www.bobvila.com/negotiate/14529-7-budget-friendly-kitchen-makeover- tips/slideshows#!1 </li></ol>