5 reasons why hiring a virtual assistant is a good business strategy

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<p>Interim Business Solutions</p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au5 Reasons Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant Is A Good Business Strategy</p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au1. Cost Saving</p> <p>No office expenseNo training expenseNo superannuation No payroll tax No annual leave, and No sickies</p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au2. Flexible and versatile</p> <p>You can choose to engage your virtual assistant as much or as little as you require you only pay for what you use.</p> <p>And most VAs dont work to the typical 9 5 template!</p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au3. Ongoing support</p> <p>You decide on how much support you need. A half hour a day? A few hours a week? Two days a month? </p> <p>The choice is yours! </p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au4. Access to a variety of different technologies</p> <p>Not only does a VA bring years of business knowledge and expertise to the table, you get the added benefit of having your own personal tech advisor and mentor. </p> <p>And if we cant assist, theres a good chance we know someone who can!</p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au5. Professional and business minded</p> <p>A VA can act as a great sounding board for your ideas, help you implement efficient administrative systems, provide on-going social media and marketing support; as well as offer sound business advice. </p> <p>Whatever support you need, the team and myself are always there to help! </p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.auIf you would like further information on how a VA can help streamline your daily workflow, follow the link below to view our PDF article... </p> <p>60 Ways a VA Can Support Your Business</p> <p>Or read this blog post in full...</p> <p>5 Reasons Why Hiring a Virtual Assistant Is A Good Business Strategy</p> <p>For further information please visit our website or contact us to chat about how we might be able to assist you with your business administration and social media requirements.</p> <p>Phone: 1300 377 427Skype: interim.businessEmail: info@interimbusiness.com.au Website: www.interimbusiness.com.au Twitter: @kirsty_wilsonFacebook: Interim Business SolutionsLinkedIn: Interim Business Solutions</p> <p>www.interimbusiness.com.au</p>