5 ways to optimize your Odoo store

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    5 ways to optimize your Odoo store

    Odoo provides with a plentiful of options for e-commerce sites which help them

    to grow and generate soaring revenues. Odoo offers the latest collection of apps

    in the market and moreover, are easy to utilize. E-commerce businesses are

    increasingly opting for Odoo stores as it offers them much more functionality

    and can be combined with other business applications. Odoo stores can further

    be optimized for increased profits. Lets have a look at the five best ways in

    which you can optimize your Odoo store:



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    Allow Bulk Orders Matrix Quick Order app lets your customers buy bulk items at a single click. It

    changes the whole experience of the order cart. If enabled by the store, the app

    lets the buyer handle numerous quick order lists as well. It also saves a lot of

    time by providing the list of products in an arranged order. Also, product

    quantity can be managed better which helps the user to order swiftly.

    Categorizing Products It would be a real loss to an e-commerce if a potential customer visits the store

    and couldnt find the product he has been looking for, in spite of it being

    available in the store. It happens when the products are not arranged properly

    for the user to quickly search for it. Advance Mega Menu helps you to enlist your products under various categories and subcategories. The column display is

    flexible and the color and background is also customizable according to needs.

    Additionally, it also offers product slider to display fast moving products.

    SEO Optimized Store SEO plays an important role for the marketing of your online store. SEO Suite provides you with so many options for promoting your products and categories

    of your Odoo store. The details can be arranged for every category and product

    pages. Opting for SEO suite makes your business visible in the search engines

    hence adding to your site traffic and revenue generation.

    Personalized Themes You should always consider opting for a personalized theme for your website. It

    enables you to focus on different aspects of the particular business. For

    example, Crafito , is a perfect theme if you want to start an Odoo ecommerce store for any industry or product niche. It has an elegant and responsive design,

    optimized speed, attractive snippets, and many more functions to make your

    store more appealing to potential customers.



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    Customized Report Templates To know where your store needs improvement, and how you can customize it

    better to serve the customers, you need your store reports customized

    accordingly. Clever All In One Report Templates gives you various template options for report generation. Apart from customized store reports, it offers you

    templates for Invoice, Purchase orders, Sales orders, etc.

    Setting up an Odoo store is easier than other options, and it offers you with all

    the latest modification timely. To make your e-commerce a success, you need to

    keep on modifying and customizing your ecommerce store according to the

    latest demands of the market. Customizing your store makes the user

    experience better and it further helps in the growth of your business. The above

    mentioned points help you optimize your store to the best in the market, that

    too, without any expert requirements.




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