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Text of 5C Performance

  • 1. We are 5CoolPYP Exhibition 2013
  • 2. How We ExpressOurselvesMedia influences how we think and thechoices we make
  • 3. G1: The digitalreplacement of traditionalbooks affects society andpeople
  • 4. Causes of digital mediareplacing print mediaThe impacts of digitalreplacements of printmediaSolutions to the impactcaused by the digitalreplacement of books
  • 5. G2: The trickery ofadvertisements affectspeoples health and life
  • 6. Different types ofadvertisementEffects of advertisementsFinding solutions toeducate people aboutdangerous advertisements
  • 7. G3: The disappearanceof print media is affectingpeoples lives
  • 8. How technology is takingover print mediaHow peoples lives areaffected by the digitalreplacementsThe ways to stop thedisappearance of printmedia
  • 9. G4: Print media is slowlybeing replaced by newtechnology, and thisaffects peoples lives
  • 10. The causes of thereduction of print mediaThe impact of thereduction of print mediaon our daily livesFinding solutions to theproblem of disappearingprint media
  • 11. Thank You