6 best outside office employee engagement activities

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    Outside office activities have become a latest trend among organisations to

    engage the employees. When the employees are stressed out, it is better to give

    them a break from their busy schedule, take them out together, and let them

    loose a bit through team building activities. This is the best way to reduce the

    stress and give employees chance to mingle with each other closely. Here are

    some of the most commonly practiced outdoor games and activities. All one need

    are some organisers to handle various activities.

    1. Treasure Hunt

    In this game, the price award is placed at a destination place. The way to destination has to be discovered by solving

    some clues. Organisers can make it more interactive by introducing various stages to cross before reaching the final

    clue. Employees can be divided into groups of equal numbers. The team which solves all the clues in lesser time and

    reaches the destination wins the game.

    2. Sports Competitions

    Just like school days, divide all the employees into various groups. Conduct the games like cricket, volleyball,

    basketball etc. Give some points to winner, runner up and third place. The team with highest points after completing

    all the games is the winner. To make it more interesting, organisers can choose to divide the teams based on

    different projects, freshers vs seniors, girls vs boys etc.

    3. Fitness sessions

    Especially with the desk jobs, sitting all the day at the same place can be tiring and stressed up. Promoting fitness

    activities are another best way to rejuvenate the day of any employee. Organisers can hold weekly yoga classes,

    Gym sessions, dance classes, group walks after lunch etc. This gives employees the opportunity to take care of their

    health along with their colleagues.


  • 4. Annual Events

    Annual events are meant to encourage employees to showcase their extra-curricular activities. These events could be

    named as Family Day (gathering all the family members) or Company Day (Celebrating the anniversaries of the

    company) etc. Organisers can even invite the family members of the employees. The events could be singing,

    dancing, band performance, rangoli, cooking etc. These kind of events are helpful in bringing employees of different

    departments to come together and perform.

    5. Social Responsibilities

    Involving employees into Social responsibilities is the best a company can do to the society. Employees should be

    encouraged to take some responsibilities of the society. Social responsibilities can be anything like cleaning the

    locality, giving awareness to public, fund raising etc. This will give them chance to have some interaction with new

    people and learn the life of others as well.

    6. Outbound Training

    Outbound training workshops are very high-energy offsite training programs for improving individual and team

    performance. This activity is meant to improve team bonding, communication, time management, decision making

    and leadership. Outbound training generally includes visiting other organisations to learn their processes and

    activities, trainings and workshops related to business of the company etc.

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    Outside office employee engagement activities are getting more common these days in the organisations. However,

    budget constraints might hinder the frequency of such outings. There are some effective indoor activities for

    employee engagement as well, that HRs can look to try.



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