6 steps to create an awesome infographic!

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Creating an infographic is easy once you know how, take a look at the presentation and leave some comments!


  • 1. Creating anAWESOME infographic
  • 2. Steps..
  • 3. 1. Choose PowerPoint for morecreative freedom
  • 4. Free tools such as Piktochart, infogr.am and visual.ly areexcellent if:You are limited on timeYou need a template for guidanceNeed inspiration
  • 5. 2. Set ObjectivesWhat do I want to achieve?How am I going to achieve my goal(s)?Do I have the necessary resources? E.g. time / images
  • 6. 3. The Power of a HeadlineInterestingDescriptive (sub-heading)Clear opportunityfor reader to LearnDoesnt useinteresting wordsNo clear sub-headingNot clear what thereader might Learn
  • 7. Excellent4. Visual Appeal Colour coding (Redbeing the mostprominent) Colours contrast work well together Use of graphics Use of referenceicons (gmail,Blogger)
  • 8. Poor Colour coding isonly used in thetext, and not toguide the reader tothe next stage Colours do notcontrast blendinto one another No graphics No reference icons
  • 9. 5. Be OriginalHave excellent content that isabove the competition!
  • 10. 6. Save AsAlways Save As a PNG filefor highest image quality
  • 11. Get in touch!Click the icons below(ctrl and hover)