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  • 1. A2 Media -EvaluationOllie Clements

2. Through the whole course I have always started out finding,researching and look at existing media products and gatheredthe convention they give off. All of this therefore influences mein how to create my final piece. I looked in many places forexample: the internet, magazines, posters, flyers, gigs and reallocal bands (asking them questions.) all of this helped meunderstand which route to go down and which genre toochoose. The convention which I observed in my research which I usedin my production was of course the symbolic side of thingswhich includes things such as: clothing and colours. Thishelped me keep a consistent style throughout my production.Another thing was the technical side which was cameratechniques & shots. By observing and researching these areas,it gave me a upper hand in how too create a well made project.As you can see these screen shots on the right show that thecolour scheme follows the codes and conventions of a housestyle.In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products? 3. I think my production is an effective piece because thestyle of the project was different compared too originalmusic videos. We made it not follow the normal routine ofa music video because we thought it we changed it about itwould have more of a impact on the audience. You can seehow we have tried too make it different by the way inwhich that we have incorporated different angles, shotsand tried to follow a general different way of shooting amusic video. Some of these shots that I have cropped out from mymusic video show just how we have tried too make ourpiece different. This shot shows a frantic, excitingelements of the music video as it has been filmed with ahandheld camera and sees the stalker running at thecamera. You dont normally see this type of thing in amusic video, so it was a good choice too use it. However, we have used a variety of traditional shots suchas: low angel, close up, POV shot and establishing shotstoo keep in touch with the original codes and conventionsof a music video. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? 4. The combination of my main product and ancillary texts are I think are extremely effective. I thinkthis because of the consistency throughout each one of them. They all keep a set style that follows allthe way through each one. As you can see, they are generally following the colour scheme of red,white and black which obviously is shown but the clown mask. I wanted too make sure that I kept agood consistent style all the way through so when people would look at it, it didnt just look likethree random texts stuck together. I also think that them being all the same style, the effect they giveoff is much more powerful, as the ancillary texts really backs the main production. Also, thecombination of the three texts make it really easy for the audience to understand what is beingshown too them. I wanted too keep this idea all the way through and it was also shown in my musicvideo which was a really good element in backing up the house style. These are a couple of shots of my ancillary texts too just show you how my consistent scheme all theway though has been really effective for the combination of my main product. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? 5. The ancillary texts reinforce the message of the main task by the way not just the video is frantic and crazy so I made the Digipak and advertisement also carries on this feeling. It does this by the layout, the writing on each one and the images which it shows. They are bold, stand out and hit the consumer straight away. As you can see, these are a couple ofsnap shots of my writing on a few of myancillary texts. This proves that I stucktoo the consistent style on red, black andwhite. And it also represents the hardhitting, bold writing which captures theaudience straight away. This was themain reason which I kept a consistenthouse style so the audience were moreattracted too the pieces.The three texts would work well together as a marketing strategy because before you release the music video, you could post round the advertisement poster everywhere so people get a heads up and start to be intrigued by the band. After, a release of the album would then be a huge lift in the marketing of the band as everyone would start too hear the songs. Then finally, the band would release a music video to one of the hit songs on the album (in my case, Stalker) which of course would be the best time too release it due to already having a audience by the first two texts being published.How effective is the combination of yourmain product and ancillary texts? 6. The main product really did stand out to be the main platform of what the ancillary texts were going too be about. We planned out what we were going too film, what props too use and where we were going to shoot it. This all led to the idea of a stalker, in a park, even in the daylight which is rather different because typically a stalker may be related too a dark night, however we wanted too go against the normal codes and conventions and do something different.Due to completing the filming rather early, I was able to then adjust my ancillary texts to really reflect the main product. I done this by choosing to take the photos for my advertisement and Digipak in the same place as where I filmed as you can see. Choosing too shoot the videoand take photos in the sameplace really does support thewhole concept of it all being onebig production. It could besuggested that in doing so, if itwas too be marketed, it wouldbe easy too publish due to it allbeing a consistent and followingmedia product.How effective is the combination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts? 7. I have learned a lot from my audience feedback such as the way people interpret what the music video wastrying too portray. The idea of the music video was too be creepy, fast pace, scary, edgy and different. Sowhen my audience watched the music video, I hoped that is what they got from it which from most of themthey did. Also from getting audience feedback, I was able too learn how to give audience feedback to otherpeoples work as well. This really helped me because if I learn how to break down other peoples work, itmakes it easier for myself too understand my own work. One comment was: Creepy, funny and fast pace, a very fitting video for the song. This therefore shoes thatthe ideas, values and beliefs which I was trying too capture at the start of my pieces have been completed.The full comment from the audience is this: The feedback also goes on too talk aboutthe genre that I had chosen. From all theresearch that I had obtained, it was clearthat I was going down the punk/rock genre,and too see that people have easily seenwhat genre the music video is, reallyencourages me that I have made asuccessful production. Another was: I really like the pace of this music video The full comment from the audience is just abovethis writing. This shows along with the other comment that the ideas have definitely been reflected in theproduction and so the final piece was able to portray what I wanted. As well, the feedback went on too speakabout the technical side of things, so it was nice too see that the audience appreciated and like the making ofthe production.What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? 8. Lastly, a comment said, It is effective how you havent used the typical conventions of a musicvideo. the full comment of this was this: This was good too see because yes I did lookinto the codes and conventions of a musicvideo, but I thought that it would be a lotdifferent and more effective if I done somethingdifferent, and it is good too see that I was abletoo do that by the audience feedback saying thatthey noticed me not using the typicalconventions. This is what I really aimed for. All these comments show that my first idea of what I want my music video to be has beenpresented well. From all of this I have learned that if you set out with a direction of what you wantyoure production to be then in this case, it will work. Another comment that I really liked on my audience feedback was one that went into a lot of detail. Me and my group chose very carefully what will be the most effective shots too use at the right points for example the POV shot at 0.59 which was really nice too see that someone else noticed it.What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? 9. I also had a couple of onlookers who saw the music video and backed up what the audiencefeedback said so it was clear that people did like the final piece. These were people who wouldcasually come across my work either on a new media technology platform or pass by while Iwas working on it. Then would then give me some feedback on the work for example, whatthey like, what works well and even given me some constructive criticism too improve mywork. In my audience feedback, I had a comment which spoke about my ancillary texts which reallyencouraged the idea that I was trying too imply which was a consistent style all the waythrough my work, the comment said: As you can see, the person who gaveme the audience feedback, reiterated Here are the two ancillary texts that Iwhat I was trying too do.completed and as you can see they have kept the consistent colour scheme. I really did like that comment in the audience feedback which said that these colours could be related to the conventions of a stalker. Of course, the song that I chose to make was about a stalker so hearing a comment that says that the representations of my choices reflect the ideas then it seems to me that the production was a success.What have you learned from your audiencefeedback? 10. Not only did people comment on my music video which obviously helped meunderstand and get feedback too what they think of my production, but I also got somefeedback on my ancillary tasks. One of them reading: Good combination of colourand clack and white. this was a good comment because again, it is supporting thestyle of work through (black, white and red) so it really does show that the consistentstyle was a stand out figure in the making of my work. I think the house style has been a real hit because the idea of having a consistentcolour all the way through makes it look much more appealing and standing out due toall the areas of the production being the same. This was the comment that some said about my ancillary task and this is a screen shotof what the commented on.What have you learned from youraudience feedback? 11. I used new media technologies in the construction of my areas by researching existing music videoswhich have already been created by bands that are the same genre which I followed. Due to these newmedia technologies it helped me see what the construction of a music video looks like. Some of theseinclude, The Clash, The Sex Pistols and The Ramones. These and many more bands gave me theinfluence and it was a lot easier too find information due too the platform of the new mediatechnologies such as Google videos and YouTube. Also I found images all across the internet and onother areas such as Bloggers and Magazine websites. All these areas helped me gather information intowhat I wanted too produce. Even so, it helped with the release of my production as I was able toopublish the music video on YouTube so I was able too get feedback from there and also see how manyviews I got. New media technologies have helped me with the research because I was abletoo find back ground information about the area I had chosen. Statistics andfigures was a main thing I found on the internet and also I made aquestionnaire that I passed round my local area to see if I can make sense ofwhat peoples preferred genre was and how active they are within music. Hereis a snapshot from my blog of the information I gathered too help me progressin making my final production.How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning and evaluationstages? 12. It helped with planning of my production by the way I was able too see how the new technologiescreated the product. For example, on the internet (Web 2.0) too see how existing advertisementposter had been made or Digipaks created. This therefore gave me an insight into how to usePhotoshop and other elements which are used to create final pieces. Due to learning all this fromnew media technologies, I was then able to fine making my final pieces rather easy. Here is anexample of the research I found using new media technologies: Along with this, they also helped me gatherinformation into my evaluation. On Blogger, I wasable to receive comments one my pieces whichpeople had write about my products, this then helpedme understand what other people thought about it.Also, page views of my Blogger helped me see howmany people stopped too look at my product. Thehelp of Blogger also boosted the way in which I wasable to share my products round. As Bloggerobviously uses the internet, if people type in keywords such as A2 media, it will then come up withmy Blog, meaning people from anywhere are able tosee my products and even give feedback.How did you use new media technologies in theconstruction and research, planning andevaluation stages? 13. Photoshop was a really big part of the production of my ancillary texts. After I tookthe photos to use for my final texts I then needed a platform for where I could edit,chop and change to adapt the photo to something the fits in with my genre which ofcourse is punk/rock. Here are some example of me using photo shop to change theimages that I took. Blogger was also of course a massive elements in the creating of my final piece. It was somewhere where I could place all my research and planning so therefore I could look back at what I had find out. This really helped with the production side because it was so easy for me too refer back to previous elements that I have found out instead of me trailing round the internet too find things. Along with that, it was somewhere where I could post everything that I had done, whether it was photos that I had took, drafts of work I had made or even my final pieces which I needed too post up. The whole concept of blogger had helped me a huge amount. These are some photos of my blog coming up in the next slide.Outline which technologies youhave used in each stage. 14. As you can see I had a lot of research andplanning that went in before I completedmy final production. This really helpedme keep all my information in one placeso I could always go back too it and seewhat I research and if I was stuck, get akick start to find another route to go downin completing my final productionOutline which technologiesyou have used in each stage. 15. The use of YouTube really helped with thepromotion and release of my production. Iwas able to publish it on a networking sitewhich is one of the most viewed websitesin the world. So for my production to beseen by people, it was a good way tounderstand and see how the marketing ofpieces are shown. It was also a good way too see if peoplelike the video as you can see view,comments and even likes/dislikes, and inthis case, the video that I publish had agood rating of 8 likes and no dislikeswhich was a real boost in seeing howpeople reacted to the production.Outline which technologies you haveused in each stage.