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  • An Absolut Cultural Icon Selling the attitude of a brand- The Absolut Vodka example Bayo Adekanmbi
  • What is this Absolut nonsense? Absolut Vodkas advertising campaign is the worlds longest ever uninterrupted To this date, it comprises 1,450 original ads Developed by TBWA over the past 25 odd years
  • Different things build brands, but this is Absolut truth Advertising (e.g., Absolut Vodka) Sponsorships (e.g., Kodak and Olympics) Clubs and consumer communities(e.g., Harley Davidson, iVillage) Factory visits (e.g., Cadburys theme park) Public facilities (e.g., Nestle Nestops) Social causes (e.g., American Express) High value for the money (e.g. Ikea) Founders personality (e.g., Richard Branson) Absolut Vodka was built exclusively by the power of creative advertising! Advertising creativity provided the platform that was explored via sponsorship, activation ,PR etc.
  • What is the category? Vodka is the worlds most popular spirit drink Vodka is legally defined in the US as a tasteless, odorless, colorless alcohol. most undifferentiated liquor that you can have Growing market sophistication More and more brands and variants appear as the category becomes increasingly innovative. Many products (and even methods of distribution) are becoming commodities. branding often seems to be the only way to create To that end, customer appeal and loyalty, and allow you to put premium prices on something that would be hard to distinguish on an objective basis from your competitors offerings.
  • The Absolut heritage!!! 1879 Swedish businessman Lars Olsson Smith introduced a new kind of vodka, which he called Absolute Pure Vodka. Olsson was a success story indeed - Successful businessman at 10 and entrepreneur at 14 Lars Olsson Smith controlled one third of all the vodka in Sweden while he was still learning to shave. For almost half of the 19th century he was known as The King of Vodka Developed a revolutionary new distillation method called Rectification Redefined the distribution chain (away from Stockholm) The bottle design was a prototype of an old Swedish medicine bottle (superior performance???)
  • The Product Truth We all know that vodka is vodkaeven when shaken But Absolut has created a brand out of the shape of a bottle, consistently presented across all forms of media (and all flavors of product). Great heritage of market redefinition
  • Marketing issues at relaunch After 100 years , it was relaunched and this came with its challenges viz Swedish vs Russian origin Russian owns vodka/spirit, where cometh a Swedish player? Premium positioning for a commodity??? Awkward bottle for bartenders to use A pharmaceutical bottle for a drink! Perceived as a cheap, tasteless
  • What was the Absolut strategy?
  • Absolut validity from Adsolut men David Ogilvy Leo Burnett Bill Bernbach Find the inherent drama or Brand image or personality Find a compelling story that characteristic of the product is particularly important bonds the brand to the that makes consumers buy when brands are similar consumers it Every ad must (Inherent drama) is often The story must be contribute to the complex hard to find but it is relevant. Original and symbol that is the brand always there, and once impactful to establish that image. found it is the most eternal bond interesting and believable of all advertising appeals. 2003 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., McGraw-Hill/Irwin
  • The Absolut Brand evolution Symbolic The iconic product meaning Imagery An elevated and definite lifestyle projection Social authority Addressing cultural contradictions
  • Symbolic The unique medicine bottle celebrates Vodka Purity
  • Anyone Can Contribute to The Absolut World the power of user generated content
  • Other Spoofs
  • 2005 transition to Imagery platform -The Absolutes Campaign Entrenched depositioning by the super-premium niche players Need to own, celebrate and flaunt Absolut ideal lifestyle Prestige ads with upscale image as a Super premium badge brand The ads likened the vodka to stars like Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen and landmarks like the Statue of Liberty Increased sales by 2% compared with 2005. Validated with new flavours
  • The need for upmarket and vertical market
  • 2007- the Absolut Social transition In An Absolut World campaign, features photos from a world where everything is as fantastic as Absolut.
  • Background Absolut, has fallen to the No 2 vodka brand in the world, having lost customers to Grey Goose, Belvedere, Ketel One and other upstart luxury brands. The need to show Absolut as the ideal vodka in a landscape crowded with luxury upstarts The global campaign allows ABSOLUT to communicate the brands leadership position and premium quality, while at the same time allowing consumers to now take part in the discussion. In An Absolut World sparks conversation and challenges consumers to express their visions of the worldThe ABSOLUT World.
  • In an Absolut world you can tell when Politicians lie...
  • In an Absolut world you can tell when Politicians lie...
  • Social transition platform was also leveraged to drive new line extensions
  • Social responsibility dimension - TAXI The new campaign also includes an industry-leading social responsibility broadcast spot. Taxi, the spot illustrates a young couple exiting a club. As they press the key fob, instead of unlocking their car it signals a taxi, suggesting that in an ABSOLUT World people would always call a cab or use a designated driver after they drink. This was also activated as The campaign speaks to consumers on multiple levels. The topics range in scale and tone but use the same clever voice ABSOLUT has used for more than 25 years, adds Murphy. Watch at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtdAu5QHST0
  • The result and the continuous challenge According to the most recent Brand Keys survey, Absolut ranks 7th in customer loyalty among brands of imported vodka Among those ahead of Absolut are newer, more expensive vodkas like Ciroq, Ketel One and Grey Goose, which are faring better in a category driven by consumer desire for novelty and uniqueness. The Absolut ____ campaign helped the brand become the best-selling imported vodka in the United States as distribution soared from 20,000 cases in 1981 to almost 5 million last year Absolut also grew to become the No. 3 spirits brand of any kind, behind only Bacardi rum and Smirnoff (domestic) vodka. More recently, Absolut fell to 4TH place over all, as Captain Morgan rum moved ahead. Over 40 awards and several institutional endowments
  • Successful, long-running Even people who didnt campaign understand the objective of the ad, were able to identify Image created made the bottle! people want to experience by drinking Absolut Vodka Easy to recall the brand when buying