Anger management

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This is my attempt to help people reduce stress and live in harmony . Anger is common .The 21st century has more to do with this as our lives have bigger variety of situations to handle.


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2. The Burst out At times without any particular reason wetend to burst out at small things . Tiny elements lead to quarrels and fightsinitiated from your own side. As an after effects people tend to loosefriends ,relations . How to calm out ? When its not your faultand you are still at blame.. 3. Blame While we are blamed for no reason we tendto place more possible blames on everythingpossible fuming in anger. Anger definitely is not a good thing to show . Its the negative feeling that we have thathas to be eliminated, but some are impulsehence we need to manage them. 4. The negative feelings that lead toanger The first and the foremost reason for angeris hurt of EGO The I am the best attitude. This is only selfAppreciated andAppreciated by none. 5. Few that are not impulseCan be handled in advance 6. What great people have to say aboutEGO?? Philosophy about EGO..Why let go of it?? 7. Jealousy Oh my she always gets theBest and I dont , I somehow amNot comfortable with this, I needTo spoil it to feel better.WELL RIGHT TO SAY :THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER PERSON INANYTHING YOU DO IN THIS WORLDAccept it. 8. Doubt Mind overworks and at the end the result isworked up mind . When things have to revealThey will by themselves,Trust is important ,Doubts needTo be healthy and have to be basedOn multiple facts and figures. It is advised to be very cautious toDoubt in a personal relationship. 9. GUILT Provoking a guilt can lead to anger . If there is a thing you are guilty about ,it isvery important to give your mind a rightpicture about the entire situation and alsobe prepared to handle questions on theguilty situation well in advance and keepcalm 10. After an out burst ,what do youneed? 11. Relax.. Your mind and body gets totally worked upafter an out burst . Methods to relax: Stress bursting games . Instrumental music especially piano orflute. A body massage/meditation.The Biggest mantra is S-I-L-E-N-C-E 12. REDUCE STRESS WITH ANGERMANAGEMENT Anger management techniques proveextremely useful in daily life. When incorporated in the right way itproves to be very healthy and leads to acalm & peaceful life. 13. If you are one who seeks help insilence and calmness to spirituality REACH ME: FOR FREE HELP & FREE CONSULTATION , I am glad to help you.* This is no business ,its for spreading calm and peaceful lifeacross the world ,Why this ?? As it bounces back in my life