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  • Are You Job Ready?Important things to know about finding a job today!

    *Welcome Slide Discussion Points:

    Who is presenting today?

    Where are restrooms?

    How long will the training be?

    When will a break be given?

    Any Questions?

  • Purpose of This Workshop

    Your Worksite Supervisor will be evaluating YOU on some of the following topics:

    Employee DressAttendance and PunctualityFollowing DirectionsTeam PlayerHonestyCommunication SkillsAttitude

    We want YOU to SUCCEED!!!

    *Explain how 1-5 are not good reasons to fail and all could have been avoided.

    We expect 100% success from all youth who enter a worksite.

  • Topic 11. Work Place ProfessionalismFirst ImpressionsAppropriate dressGrooming/hygiene/tattoos/piercingsInterview SkillsAttitude Check/Maintain a Positive Attitude

    2. Work Place EthicsDependability (punctuality/promptness)Responsibility/ownership/learn from mistakesTime Management/staying productive/taking initiativeInformation Privacy

    3. Work Place CommunicationAsking for help/Following DirectionsAppropriate Language on the jobProperly Communicating ProblemsTeamwork/Getting along with others

    4. Career planning and discovery with O*NET or PESCO results

    5. Participant ResponsibilitiesReview Youth Survival Guide

    *Briefly go over topics to be covered in the entire workshop Topic 1

  • Topic 1

    Workplace Professionalism


  • Workplace ProfessionalismFirst Impressions How long does it take for a potential employer to make a decision about you?A 10 Seconds

    B 2 Minutes

    C 1 Hour

    D 1-2 Days

    *Have youth guess which answer is correct. Answer A is correct and will bounce with a sound when prompted.

  • Workplace ProfessionalismFirst Impressions Recent studies show that people can make an unconscious decision about you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you so you have to make it count!

    How are good first impressions made in those first 10 seconds?Appropriate DressGood Grooming and HygieneOnly Appropriate PiercingsNo Visible TattoosGood Eye ContactFirm Handshake

    *Talk about how making a positive first impression is extremely crucial. Appropriate dress and grooming hygiene will be talked about in the next few slides.

    Eye contact is very important. Although it may feel awkward to keep eye contact with your supervisor or co-workers, it is important that you appear confident in yourself. Averting the eyes too often can signal that you are insecure or will not be able to represent your employer in a socialized setting.A firm handshake is important.

    ActivityHave youth practice handshakes?

  • Workplace ProfessionalismFirst Impressions The Importance of Phone E-Mail and Social MediaPhone MessagesWhat is an appropriate voice message?Do you have a voice mail message?Do you have a reliable contact number?E-Mail AccountsWhat is an appropriate e-mail account name?Do you have an e-mail account?Social MediaFacebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Etc

    *Explain the importance of having an appropriate voice mail message so that when a potential employer calls they are EVEN impressed with your professional sounding message. This is very important, an unprofessional voice message could ruin your chances of getting a job.

    Explain the importance of clean and professional e-mail account names this can also ruin your chances for getting a job.

  • Workplace ProfessionalismAppropriate Dress

    Varies by worksite.During your interview and on your first day of work, it is a good idea to over-dress until you find out what is appropriate for your worksite. Generally, your dress should reflect the type of work you are doing form follows function.Office environment:MenWomenOutdoor environmentWomenMenCustomer Service/RetailMenWomen

    *Talk about different environments (Office/Outdoor/Customer Service) and what type of clothing to wear at each.

    Explain how different worksites may have different dress code policies.

    Have youth explain what types of jobs they can do with the clothing they have on in the workshop.

    A good rule of thumb for an interview is to dress one level beyond current employee dress code. IE a mechanic may wear jeans and a polo shirt to an interview while an office assistant may wear a collared shirt, tie, and slacks or a nice, conservative blouse, with a skirt or dress slacks.

    Explain how form follows function.

    For each bullet point, give an example of how both males and females may dress to an interview and, subsequently, on the job.

  • Workplace Professionalism More First Impressions

    Who would a professional company rather hire?OR

    *Explain how a youth might be the face of the company in some situations.

  • Workplace Professionalism Grooming/Hygiene/Tattoos/Piercings

    Minimal cologne/perfumeBrushed teeth/fresh breathWell groomed hairstyleMinimal jewelry

    *Explain with hypothetical situations how each bullet-point presented here can have a negative or positive effect in dealing with co-workers or the public.

  • Workplace Professionalism Grooming/Hygiene/Tattoos/Piercings No gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth.This includes tongue piercings which can distract employers during an interviewNo visible body piercings beyond conservative ear piercings for women.No body odor.Clean and trimmed fingernails.Tattoos need to be covered:Long sleeve shirts and pants, turtlenecks/scarves.

    *Explain the following:

    Objects in your mouth can be very distracting for employers and customers alike. It may also convey a lack of respect for your job because it is simply not professional behavior. Although you may feel that you should be able to express yourself visibly at work, this is not necessarily the case. It is not to say that piercings or tattoos are bad or wrong but your time at work belongs to your employer, not you. Men should leave out all piercings and excessive jewelry unless it is verbally OKd by your employer. A nice watch is OK for men while a necklace and ear rings are appropriate for a woman. You need to smell good, no one wants to spend several hours a day with somebody who has offensive body odor. Make sure to shower and remember: deodorant, deodorant, deodorant. Keep your hands clean! These are often focusing points of conversations because we use our hands when we talk!Tattoos - Play it safe and cover them up all the time.

  • Things to rememberDo not lie on your rsumKnow your resumeDo not assume that you are running the interviewLeave out unrelated or unnecessary informationStay off your cell phoneStay focused and answer the question askedRemain calm

    Workplace Professionalism

    The Interview


    Do not lie on your rsum stretching the truth on a rsum can land you in a sticky situation this is your first meeting and the last thing you want an employer to think is that you are a liar.

    Know your rsum. Dont be stumped when an employer looks over your rsum and asks you questions about it or asks you to give specific details.

    Do not assume that you are running the interview this is their time to get to know you so you have to play by their rules.

    Leave out unnecessary or negative information about yourself unless specifically asked about it. This is the time when you need to sell yourself but you can overdo it by giving out too much information.

    Stay off your cell phone this is never allowed and very rude.

    Stay focused on the question they ask you and answer as best you can. If you find yourself getting off track during an answer, compose yourself and steer your answer back to the question asked. Employers do not like it when an interview rambles on when it is off-topic.

    Remain Calm just do the best that you can. This is hard because everyone is nervous during an interviewer and, most of the time, the interviewer is nervous too. Interviewing is not something that comes naturally to anybody and this is why so much preparation is done beforehand. Remember that great interviewers usually have a lot of practice.

  • Tips on being successfulAppropriate DressRemember that your interview starts from the moment you walk in the door.Stay relaxedFirm handshakeEye contactAsk questionsBe confidentWorkplace Professionalism

    The Interview

    *Appropriate dress what to wear. The rule of thumb covered earlier.

    Make small talk with the receptionist you are on show from the moment you walk in the door this will also help to relax you.

    Stay relaxed by breathing slowly and deeply and focus on positive affirmation.

    Walk and sit up straight, do not slouch in your chair.

    Firm but not crushing hand shake.

    At the end of the interview, it is common for you to ask questions about the company this is important because it shows that you have done some homework and have an extra level of interest. Example: Ive noticed on your companys web-site that you are interested in giving help to non-profit organizations and charities. Can you please explain what kind of work you have done and are planning to do because I am also very interested in giving back to my community.

    Leave the room confidently and shake hands again.

  • Sample QuestionsWhat is your biggest weakness?Why should we hire you?Why do you want the job?Tell me about yourself.Workplace Professionalism

    The Interview

    *Handout: Suggested Interview Questions

    Most Often Asked Interview Questions

    Go over each question with class and ask for acceptable answers, be sure to have everyone participate in this as you will be rating them on their interview ability on the workshop evaluation form.