Are You Rewarding Loyal Members? ASAE 2013 Annual Meeting

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Associations often tout discounted products and services as a primary membership benefit, but how effective are discounts in retaining or engaging members? There is indeed a better way to create lasting value for members—by rewarding them! Based on the neuroscience behind member loyalty, learn how rewards programs can help better deliver your association’s messages, increase engagement, and strengthen member loyalty.

Text of Are You Rewarding Loyal Members? ASAE 2013 Annual Meeting

  • 1. Why Is This Important?

2. Answer These Questions: What does the idea of loyalty mean to your association; your members? How do rewards tie into your thinking on association membership? What are behaviors in member support and community do you want to have in your association: casual users?/ proactive advocates? 3. The Science Behind Loyalty Rewards One Principle Gratification Role in Decision Making 4. Loyal Members are the Lifeblood of any Association 5. Rewards & Recognition Start With End in Mind? What Behavior Do You Seek? Rewards are not one size fits all! The moment people in an organization are recognized, they will act to get recognition. The moment they realize that the organization rewards for the right behavior, they will accept it. Peter Drucker - WSJ 6. Source: incentive-program/ 7. Rewards Should Be: Fun & Guilt Free Meaningful Easy to Achieve Long Term Memory Value Positive, Immediate and Certain Change requires a motivator - what gets rewarded gets done Award needs to have meaning and be beyond the living basics Reinforcement to motivate future behavior 8. Communicate Value By sharing: > Offers > Updates > Balances > Program/Brand Info Through Methods: V Email V Articles V Direct Mail V Flier Placement V Web banner ads V F2F V Social Media 9. Reward Communications Get Read This Provides More Opportunities 10. Types of Reward Programs Honor & Recognition Service Years Points Tiered Points Upfront Fee Coalition Gamification 11. Reward Program Implementation Build Loyal Member Profile Based on Member Behaviors Ask Appropriate Questions Understand Costs Understand Technology Choose One Program or Mix it Up Communicate Value Communicate Value Communicate Value 12. Questions? 13. Contact Us Bonnie Fedchock, CAE Executive Director National Association for Catering & Events Giulietta Versiglia Champion of Marketing & Products Affinity Center International David Carrithers President & Managing Director Affinity Center International