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<p>Be your own Boss!!!</p> <p>Be your own Boss!!!</p> <p>How to create your own perfect business and succeed!!!</p> <p>By Amir Campbell Business owner, author and Personal TrainerClick Here for my youtube channelClick here to check out my blog Now!</p> <p>The universal dream brought to life!!1</p> <p>Life doesnt always go in orderThis powerpoint presentation is a collection of tips and tactics that will help you increase your Business Success. You may need to implement a few of them or you may need them all. Whatever you situation may be, feel free to refer back to this presentation for guidance regularly Daily is better. As a matter of fact, youre going to want to print this out Now.</p> <p>What I love about running my own business:</p> <p>What I love, cont.1. I make my own hours: I work as much as I want, whenever I want.2. I have loads of time to spend with my wife and my newborn son.3. I have loads of time to pursue other projects that are in line with MY interests.4. I can literally do my work in my boxers if I want</p> <p>What does owning a business mean to YOU?What are your reasons for wanting to work for yourself? You need to have these clear in your mind before you start ANY business.</p> <p>Your deep motivations are going to keep you moving forward towards growth.</p> <p>Your motivations should be kept in front of you somewhere until you no longer need to look at them.5</p> <p>What are you good at naturally?You have a unique skillset that nobody on the planet has, and you can increase that skillset with conscious effort.</p> <p>What natural talents do you have?Do people tell you youre really good at xxx?Start with your natural talents and EXPAND them.</p> <p>Your natural talents are where YOUR wealth will come from.6</p> <p>Have a vision for your business.Imagine its 6 months in and your business is booming according to your standards what does it look like?</p> <p>What are you hearing on a daily basis?What are you seeing?What do you want to deal with on a daily basis?</p> <p>Start at the end, and THEN work your way backwards.7</p> <p>Have A vision, continued</p> <p>You have to start with the big picture first and then ask yourself: </p> <p>What can I do to make my business run the way I want to?</p> <p>Starting from the beginning is like walking somewhere and not knowing where youre going until you get there, which is bad for business.8</p> <p>Youve got the big picture Now what?Lets make that example more concrete:</p> <p>1) Set a yearly income goal.2) Set monthly goals.3) see what works and doesnt and adjust accordingly.</p> <p>Be brave and try new things.In order for your business to keep growing, you have to be able to adapt. Be flexible and study the trends.</p> <p>What are your resources?You may already have more than enough resources to get your business up and running.</p> <p>Create a detailed list of EVERY single resource you have available to you. This includes people, objects, places, etc</p> <p>When you see how many resources you have available, youll feel empowered to use them in productive ways to get things going.11</p> <p>Make DAILY action plans for growth.When youre running a business, there is ALWAYS something that you can do to expand and grow.The smallest actions can garner the biggest rewards for you.Writing your list out externalizes it in front of you instead of your important tasks getting lost in the maelstrom of your mind.</p> <p>Learn to communicate with EVERYBODY!</p> <p>The better you become at communicating with different types of people, the more you can grow you client base.Do you speak different languages? Reach out to that segment with your skill!!!For awesome techniques to communicate with all types of people, check out my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality. </p> <p>Every Idea is a money maker.Whenever ANY idea comes to your mind, WRITE IT DOWN. No matter how stupid and unrealistic you may think it is, every idea has a perfect time for manifestation. If you dont write it down now, it wont be there waiting for you 3 years for now. Or worst, you may see your idea on T.V being owned by someone else.</p> <p>The best product to sell is the one YOU create!Sure, you can sell ice to an eskimo, but youll get MUUUUCCH more gratification when youre selling something that you believe in and you put your life energy into.</p> <p>Always Be Selling Something.Sell something. Sell anything. But sell!!!Youre a business person and your talents are highly prized. Sell yourself because you know that you offer a great product and service that everyone can benefit from.</p> <p>Know your market.What does your target audience want or need?Discover their needs and fill their needs.</p> <p>Learn all of the trends in your market and offer services related to said trends to your customers.By keeping up with the trends, youre giving your clients the best possible service.</p> <p>Complete your hardest tasks when your energy is at its highest.</p> <p>Listen to your individual bio rhythms and ride your natural energy peaks to get your toughest tasks completed with relative ease.</p> <p>Know your high-energy points and work with them.18</p> <p>For more tips on increasing your Life Effectiveness Grab your copy of my new book, Master Keys to Health and Vitality by clicking here.</p> <p>Highs, Lows, and Everything in betweenRealize that your business will have periods of high income, low income, and in between income. Thats life!</p> <p>By knowing your customers, your industry, and yourself, you can predict when your high/low/in between periods will occur.</p> <p>Your business is your life!Most people dont realize that when you own your own business and you want it to be awesome, you work 24 hours A DAY.Heres the upside: you love what you do!!!So, its not really working: its purposeful activity thats helping the world and yourself!!</p> <p>Expand your reach With Social Media!!</p> <p>Your goal is to reach as many people as possible. With social media, this goal is within your reach!!</p> <p>22</p> <p>Social Media, ContinuedLearn the ins and outs of the various social media platforms and you can make your presence know all over the planet, literally:This is not an exhaustive list:Youtubefacebook,TwitterFlipboardInstagram</p> <p>Get in there and get dirty!! Play around with these different platforms so you can become a GLOBAL force!!!23</p> <p>Your business is as healthy as you are</p> <p>When youre sick, your business is sick. You are the head, and when the head is cut off, the body withers and dies. Sure, it can flop around for a few seconds without any help, but its going to spaz out eventually and dieEat right and achieve business success!!</p> <p>Stay healthy by getting daily exercise, drink plenty of fresh water, eat plenty of fruits and veggies, and get plenty of sleep!!!24</p> <p>Enjoy every minute of it!!Very few people in life have the courage to take a chance and become their own business. Be proud of yourself for chasing your dreams!!</p> <p>Good Luck and God Bless!!</p> <p>Follow me on Instagram @ amircampbellSubscribe to my youtube channel Here.Grab your copy of my book here.</p> <p>Always keep your reasons for business front of mind and you will always stay on the right track.25</p> <p>Share this presentation!!Make sure you visit my blog at:</p> <p></p> <p>Youll get book updates and fresh insight into the nature reality and all that good stuff;)</p>