Become a LinkedIn All-Star - Create a catchy headline


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LinkedIn is for business professionals. It is more than simply an on-line resume. It is a personal website that, like a neon sign, is working for you even when you aren't. It is the ideal marketing platform for business professionals. Combined with SlideShare and Twitter, it enables the savvy professional to target potential clients, devlop trust and thought leadership and, ultimately, win new business.

Text of Become a LinkedIn All-Star - Create a catchy headline

  • 1. Write a catchy headline Become aLinkedIn All-Star
  • 2. All-StarsMake headlines
  • 3. They perform.And, they get noticed
  • 4. You have 120characters to grab your viewers attention
  • 5. And, they have3 questions in mind
  • 6. WHAT doyou do? 1
  • 7. WHO youdo it for? 2
  • 8. HOW am I going to benefit? 3
  • 9. All-StarsGet noticed
  • 10. Be outstanding in your field
  • 11. I coach business owners to realize their full potential
  • 12. I work with entrepreneurs to realize their dreams
  • 13. I help business owners improvefinancial performance, reduce tax, and plan for succession
  • 14. I ensure my clients rights aredefended, their risks are minimized and that justice is served
  • 15. Are you an all-star?
  • 16. Do you have a catchy headline?
  • 17. PedalWorks