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BRANDED CONTENT & SOCIAL SHARING Creating the perfect mix to cut through the noise David Wesson Twitter [email protected] I take pictures I evolve Im a Ocean Swimmer THREE THINGS ABOUT ME

TWEET TIP Branded content & Social sharing-Creating the perfect mix to cut through the marketing noise @wess #corpSM WHAT IM GOING TO TALK ABOUT TODAY The backstory Why sharing & branded content ? What you should be doing ?

3WHY ARE WE HERE? Just 36% of people thing their content marketing is effective

Source 2012 Marketing Professionals Survey CONTENT MARKETING GOALS

BIGGEST CHALLENGES Producing the kind of content that engages Producing content that gets shared & potentially goes viralProducing enough content Maintain mindshare Shift in brand strategy

INFORMATION OVERLOADAmount of information is increasing. How do we navigate?Achieve cut throughFiltering



This will be the 1st year when PC sell less than the previous year Tablet sales growth in the US up 22% Smartphone more than 50% of sales of phones Visual Quality not quantityWhilst Facebook has the eye balls we are moving away from just a one platform approachEngage our advocates


Mobile Internet shouldovertake desktop use by 2014 /2015 (Microsoft)60% local penetration&Making a phone call is only the 5th most popular activity on a phoneSOCIAL NETWORKING IS MOBILE One to one Narrow casting Responsive design to optimise for mobileOver 55 % use Facebook through mobile

TWEET TIP Prioritise content strategies that facilitate personal sharing through mobile & the browser @wess #corpSM 11SOCIAL FIRST NOT SEARCHSocial sharing impacts SEO Social signals correlate strongly with good rankings in Googles indexThe audience shares 41% of Adult internet users take photos or videos they found online & repost them

Social sharing impacts SEO Social signals in Facebook & Twitter now correlate strongly with good rankings in Googles index+ 1 button The audience shares 41% of Adult internet users take photos or videos they found online & repost them on sites designed for sharing images with many people.

Social vs Keywords in your Headlines

12IN THE STREAM Main way we receive our news now Content which is designed for social newsfeeds and mobile Based on nderstanding of why people like, share and engage around content. .

Facebooks News Feed changes Defined by their connectedness & interests The way they learn discover and share information online.share with their friends because it make them look goodBuzzFeedattributes as much as 75% of their traffic from consumers simply looking for cool content to share

.THE CONNECTED GENERATION OF SUPER SHARERS Or what Brian Solis called generation C

Shift away from traditional demographic

14CONTENT AS CURRENCY Content is a gift that forms a currency something we trade for our audiences attention.That currency becomes more valuable every time its shared bysomeoneother than ourselves.Ask yourself What rituals, traditions, or social conventions involve your product? What do people talk about, share or exchange in these activities?

What rituals, traditions, or social conventions involve your product?What do people talk about, share or exchange in these activities?How might the experience be enhanced with something better or different?Kraft Example who use recipes as their social currency



90% of info transmitted to the brain is visualVisuals are processed 60K times faster to the brain than textThe rise in visual social media has raised the bar creatively Brands that can rock visual media will find themselves market leaders. Ekerterina Walter Intel


COMMUNICATION IS NOW IMAGES FIRST, WORDS SECOND TWEET communication is now in images first, words second @wess #corpSMArguably are where the opportunities are for brands to differentiate themselves with social media.

Facebook has changes its news feed to aggregate content better and make it more visual


SPOT THE DIFFERENCE THE RISE OF INSTAGRAM March 2012210K March 2013 1.2 millionFacebook has changes its news feed to aggregate content better and make it more visual Tumblr Pinterst Instagram Arguably are where the opportunities are for brands to differentiate themselves with social media. THE RISE OF INSTAGRAM TWEET TIPUsing original branded images in your posts is one of the best ways to promote sharing of your content @wess #corpSM

@Lauren Plath


Sept 2012505 K


of online conversations about a retailer happen in-store The most common factor when buying online the phoot (67%) ahead of product info (63%) and ratings (53%) TUMBLR

Now the worlds largest blogging platform SHORT FORM VIDEOCreate gifs or very short videos.Put through filters. Share.Mobile friendly (creation anddata)Vine - six second videos on aloop. Owned by Twitter,arguably already the mostpopular mobile video networksCinemagram - animated gifs, youcreate from mobile videoViddy - 30 second (up from 15)video with !fters


Now an art form in its own right Has moved into the political mainstream, from specialist tumblrs, to Buzzfeed, to the GuardianGifs are....the political cartoons of our the past people were making cartoons for the New Yorker. (Jessica Bennet tumblr)

17 year old Australian working with top fashion brands A NEW VISUAL SOCIAL MEDIA ECOSYSTEM

Photo-sharing Short form video/ gifs

Story-telling & curation

Longer form video

SOCIAL SHARING IS A SCIENCE Best practices in social sharing can vary dramatically based on: Time of the day, what day of the week you post on which platform the use of exclamation marks & question marks or hashtags.Seven types of sharers ranging from altruists to careerists.

Source the science of sharing 2012 Compendium report

Psychology of why people share your content & tapping into the pyschology is important to understand 25THE RISE OF THE CREATIVE CONTENT CURATORMonitoring trends & Know what content resonates with your audience Associating your brand with cool content people are more disposed to feel favourably towards the brand Curating content into subsets and genres is something which that BuzzFeed have turned into an art form. Use of lists to increase engagement & drive brand lift & consideration.

that increase engagement but add depth and widen audience appeal.



START BY?Looking at what content is already out there that is working. 75/25 %Why does it resonate, why is it easy to remember and does connect back to the brand ?It should provide a reason to share so if your content is cool and its funny people and garners an emotion people will share it.

TWEET TIP Does your content resonate, is it easy to remember and does connect back to the brand ? @wesss #corpSM


MUSIC LIFESTYLE TECHNOLOGYTRAVEL CARS DESIGN hunterSpotifyFrequent Flyer GizmodoAv hi-fi Cool BOSE CATERGORY CONVERSATION Lost at e-minorWhirlpoolAU files

Australian Frequent Flyer Ask a nomad 29WHO ARE YOUR INFLUENCERS?Identify Individuals & groups to partner with Provide your brand trust & credibility Collaborate on content initiativeswhich are more relevant to your audience & conversations


PEOPLE STORIES1ST BRAND STORIES CONTENT SOCIAL MEDIA TWEET TIP The branded content sweetspot is telling a story in an organic way so doesnt feel like an advertising @wesss #corpSM

Whilst Traditional advertising starts with defining what is the unique selling proposition of the product youre trying to focus on? branded Content is really the inverse of that. Its thinking about people first. Whats resonating with them...and connecting those peoples stories to your product in a relevant way?31CREATING GREAT CONTENT? is a combination of creating stunning emotion provoking images and great copywriting that connects to the brand.If content is fun interesting and quirky the message can be secondary Brand association and resulting organic lift is what is so important.

TWEET TIP Great Content Isnt Great Until its Discovered, Consumed and Shared @wess #corpSM


Coca-Cola Content 2020 Part One

In order to be successful in the future need to move from creative to content excellence

Move to telling better stories

Hour coca colas bottle got its shape

Crete an emotion connection

Got a content team that are creating content

Creating provocations 33FACTS TELL STORIES SELL

We are trying to create of content that we are going to get a disproportinate

Type of content donet have any thing to do with cocal cola website but now they have interesting content

Saw a tweet here is dissenting point of view about cocla website

They invited a blogger to disagree with thm but put it on the front page

Make incredible shift

This is

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