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  • The task! The advanced portfolio was to create a conventional music video which will appeal to an audience from a particular genre. In order to create a conventional music video, I partook in a number different research tasks such as theories , research into different music genres which I then used to knowledge I learned to chose a track of my choice. Prior to the production, I took part in a number of planning tasks such as planning location and star image, as well as planning the digipak and magazine advert which would further promote my artist and his new album. Research + Planning = Music video/Digipak/Magazine advert. THE PURPOSE OF THE MUSIC VIDEO A music video is essentially a commercial video that is used to promote an artist and their music. A music video can either be performance based, concept based or narrative based. The video acts as a marketing tool to promote the artist or their song to gain popularity. Another purpose a music video can serve is to entertain the audience or as a way for the artist to portray their ideologies and cultural beliefs, whether it is political issues or simply everyday issues that they feel has to be addressed.
  • DOES MY PRODUCT DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA PRODUCTS? I believe that my music video follows conventions of real media products, as well as developing them also. My music video follows both a narrative and performance structure at different sections of the music video, and my research shows that this structure of music videos is conventional to the RnB genre that my song comes from. In addition to this, from both my knowledge and audience feedback, I found that my ancillary texts follow great conventions and are common to the RnB genre too; a clear example of this is the number of different images I used on ancillary products to show consistency on who my artist is. As a result of this, it is clear that my products demonstrate Andrew Goodwins theory of Star motif. Knowing exactly what audience response I was aiming to receive, I decided that it would be ideal to follow conventions that the audience expect from this specific genre. Doing this allows them to not only buy into my product but also buy into the artists lifestyle, ideologies and generally relate to the product further. Here are some examples of the use of conventions that are illustrated within my work: High key lighting is used to expose the characters emotions which allows the audience to understand the narrative further. Our use of editing matches the pace of the song well. My music video is visually appealing through the use of mise en scene. The costume, hair and make up are significant elements which encourages the audience to buy into the artists lifestyle. Star image is a main element within music videos (Dyer) which we clearly portray.
  • FOLLOWING CONVENTIONS: ARTIST REPRESENTATION Prior to creating my music video, I researched into male artists of the RnB genre and I found that they were represented in a very cool and mainstream fashion which allowed them appeal to the audience of the mainstream culture. Costume played a significant role to this. Two similar artists that influenced my artists representation are Will.I.Am and Usher who are from the mainstream RnB and Hip-Hop culture. They are both Stars in their own right, therefore I used a similar representation. I used conventions of real media products as I also wanted to create a visual representation to who they are and the values portrayed within their music. Similar to the representation of Will.I.Am and Usher I represented my artist in the following ways: Stylish. Youthful. Mainstream fashion. Black on black leather look. Usher My artist Will.I.Am
  • FOLLOWING AND CHALLENGING CONVENTIONS: CINEMATOGRAPHY THEORY Cinematography acts as an eye for the audience and makes them feel connected to the music video that they are watching. Furthermore, it is also important because it helps portray Star image in which the audience will be able to see the star and remember their image. Andrew Goodwins theory characteristics of a music video states the belief that close up shots are used to create a relationship between the audience and the artist, making the audience feel more involved with them. Richard Dyers star theory supports the idea of the artists representation and persona of artist being influenced and reinforced by key elements of cinematography, for example close up or medium close up shots of the artist. Laura Mulvey analysed female representation through cinematography, where she expressed cinematography is presented in a voyeuristic manner, for example close up and panning shots emphasising female body parts. We challenged this idea as we felt that it was not necessary to portray our female character in this way due to the narrative and themes of the song. CU of artist Medium shot Challenging Mulvey
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY Through my analysis of cinematography within the RnB, below are examples that I utilised within my work to follow, use and develop generic conventions. My research showed me that close ups are conventional to create emotional responses, whether that be for the artist or the characters. Below are some music videos and their use of cinematography that influenced my idea. Existing cinematography Within my music video, a mid-close up is used as the beginning where we are introduced to the male character syncing the words The wound heals but it never does. Doing this allows the audience to see the characters upset facial expressions and gives them an overall expectation of the music video.
  • CINEMATOGRAPHY The use of the long shot allows the audience to see the artists costume which is very important according to Dyers star image theory as it encourages the audience to buy into the artists lifestyle. As well as this, it allows the audience to see the graffiti filled background which provides them with a further knowledge of the artist and their culture. My music video also uses a high angle showing my two characters laying in bed. Doing this allows the audience to have a greater understand of what has happened within the narrative as well as feel sympathy towards the characters as they are portrayed as vulnerable. The range of different cinematography used within my media product clearly shows my development of conventions of real media products. Long shot High angle
  • USING AND DEVELOPING MISE EN SCENE Mise en scene is a significant aspect within a music video as it allows the audience to understand the music video as well as portraying particular themes. Different genres have their own conventions on how they portray mise en scene which provides the audience with knowledge of what genre the song originates from. Richard Dyers theory of star image relates to the use of costume, hair and make up as the theory suggests in order to be a successful artist, you must follow a mainstream culture. Within my music video, I decided to follow Dyers theory as it will allow me to target and appeal to a mainstream audience. I did this through the use of costume, positioning of the artist/s, lighting to represent him and body language and facial expression. Lighting Lighting from existing music video Costume Costume from existing music video Positioning Positioning from existing music video
  • BODY LANGUAGE AND FACIAL EXPRESSIONS Body language and facial expressions was an important element as the themes of the song are about heartbreak and relationships so I wanted to represent this thoroughly through my characters. An example of when this was used is when the female character walks out, leaving her boyfriend heartbroken. As this happens, a long shot is used as the male character crouches on the floor with his heads in his hands. Image of male character crouching on the floor. Another example of body language and facial expressions.
  • ICONOGRAPHY My media product uses further forms and conventions of real media products through the use of iconography. I used a bottle of alcohol and lighters at the beginning of my music video where the male character recites the lyrics the wound heals but it never does. I decided to use this to help portray and emphasise the heartbreak felt by the character allowing the audience to engage and understand the music video further. The use of the alcohol bottle is very simple yet effective because of its connotations of depression and loneliness. Within my music video I also used the iconography of a suitcase which is seen when the female character is packing her stuff away and walks out the door leaving the male character feeling unhappy. Using this specific iconography causes the audience to feel further sympathy towards the male character. Suitcase Comparable product
  • LOCATION My music video uses a number of different locations. A key location which I used was the underground path which had a wall filled in graffiti. This decision was made after my analysing of existing RnB videos. Another setting of my music video was based around a white background. This decision was made as I thought t