Build 2015: Top 5 Takeaways

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<ul><li><p>TOPFIVETAKEAWAYSMicrosoft Build 2015 Keynote Presentation</p></li><li><p>Microsoft Edge</p><p>Previously codenamed Project Spartan,</p><p>Microsoft Edge is the successor to</p><p>Internet Explorer, the default browser for</p><p>Microsoft Windows since 1995.</p><p>Edge is slimmed down and faster than</p><p>IE, features the ability to draw on top of</p><p>webpages, and has the Cortana virtual</p><p>assistant built-in.</p><p>Image: Microsoft</p></li><li><p>UniversalApplications</p><p>If theres one thing thats wrong with the</p><p>current state of the Windows Store, its</p><p>the underwhelming amount of apps.</p><p>Microsoft knows this more than anyone,</p><p>so in an effort to bridge the gap, MS is</p><p>offering services for iOS, Android, &amp; even</p><p>Web developers to easily virtualize their</p><p>application to a Windows Universal App.</p><p>In short: Prepare to play Trivia Crack on</p><p>every device you own, regardless of OS.</p><p>Image: Microsoft</p></li><li><p>Cross PlatformAdd-InsA dream within a dream, Im Impressed</p><p>- Inception (2010)</p><p>Yesterday, Microsoft showed off a new</p><p>version of MS Office that ran 3rd Party</p><p>applications within Office applications. You</p><p>can think of these as Plug-Ins or</p><p>Extensions.</p><p>For example, you can run a Uber plug-in</p><p>that schedules rides for you based on your</p><p>appointments. Another example Microsoft</p><p>showed was PicHit, an app offering a photo</p><p>marketplace within PowerPoint.</p><p>Image: Microsoft</p></li><li><p>Return ofThe Start MenuPersonally, I love Windows 8.1, although I</p><p>understand I am part of the minority</p><p>The fact of the matter is, a lot of</p><p>Windows-users were heartbroken when</p><p>their beloved start menu was taken away</p><p>when they upgraded from 7 to 8. In fact, it</p><p>even caused many to downgrade back to</p><p>7, or avoid the upgrade to 8 completely.</p><p>Windows 10 seems to take the best of</p><p>both worlds, integrating the live tiles of</p><p>Windows 8 into the familiarity of its</p><p>predecessors.Image: Microsoft</p></li><li><p>HoloLens</p><p>Microsoft has made very clear that thefuture of computing is comprised ofholograms, in one way or another</p><p>Back in January, Microsoft showed off manypersonal use cases of the augmented-realityhardware, but at Build its other use casesare put to the test.</p><p>Pictured to the right is just one example ofhow medical students can better study andunderstand the human body.</p><p>My question is, how long will it take untilcyber-security firms have to worry aboutprotecting a companys holo-data?</p><p>Image: Microsoft</p></li><li><p>Visit Us Online:</p><p></p></li></ul>