Core and Paths: Designing Findability from the Inside and Out

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Presentation given at the EuroIA conference in Barcelona, September 22 2007.


  • 1. Core and Paths Designing findabilityfrom the inside and out EuroIA 2007Are Halland

2. Agenda Why a new framework? Seven Deadly Sins of IA Introducing Core+Paths Core Inward Paths Outward Paths 3. Seven Deadly Sins of IA 4. (1) Sin of AbstractionWhen you go too far up, abstraction-wise, you run out of oxygen. Sometimes smart thinkers just dont know when to stop, and they create these absurd, all-encompassing, high-level pictures of the universe that are all good and fine, but dont actually mean anything at all. - Joel Spolsky 5. (2) Sin of Introvercy Joshua Porter: Home alone? The role of content aggregators 6. (3) Sin of Isolation 7. (4) Sin of Information Overload 100 ExabytesAll info / year Unique info / year All human documents 12 Exabytes produced last 40.000 years2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 20082009 Stuart Park, based on Lesk, Berkeley SIMS, Landauer, EMC 8. (5) Sin of Navigation Overload 9. (5) Sin of Navigation Overload 10. (6) Sin of FutilityMissed opportunityToget gr 11. (6) Sin of FutilityCalls to ActionSocial Value Business Value 12. (7) Sin of Logophobia 13. ABOUTNESSFINDABILITY 14. We need to start with The Core 15. How to design for Core+Paths Prioritize and design the Core(satisfy user goals through prioritized content and functionality) Design Inward Paths to the Core (SEO, facets, menus, search, RSS, newsletters any mean available) Offer relevant Outward Paths from the Core (Calls to Action that meet user, business and social needs) 16. Core, Inward and Outward Paths Most optimal unit of consumptionCore Balance business and user goals 17. Example: Municipality Core: Services, i.e. kindergardenFrontpageOnline application Internal searchOffline application Google/SEO Contacts Incoming links PrintSprsml & svar NewslettersForward to friend - Kor gamalt m barnet vera fr det kan byrja i barnehage?Barnet m vere fylt 10 mnader fr det kan begynne i barnehagen. Det kan skjast plass i inntil 3 barnehagar. + Kva er prioriterte grupper? BrochuresMap of kindergardens + Kor mykje kostar det? + Finst det barnehagar som er opne p kvelden og om natta? + Kor lang tid tar det fr eg fr svar p sknaden?RSS feedsLinks to kindergardens + Kan eg klage p utfallet av sknaden? Barnehagar i Frde Kommunale barnehagarFrde familiebarnehage Kyrkjevegen barnehageSltteben 33Postboks 66800 FRDE 6800 FRDE57 83 22 47916 90 359 18. Prioritize most important element 19. Provide supporting info as needed 20. Simplicity and infodesign for tasks 21. The Core can also be distributed 22. Good web apps have good Cores 23. Core Variations Core Page Core FlowMultiple Cores Distributed Core Core Template Long Tail Core 24. Designing Inward Paths to the Core Internal searchFrontpageRSS feedsOpen APIsAffiliatesNewslettersGoogle/SEO 25. Outward Paths: Calls to actionAdd to cart Buy used Add to wish list Others who bought You might also.., Rate this item Tag this item 26. Themes and References Inward Paths CoreOutward Paths Findability Value PrioritizationEpicenter Design Search EngineCalls to Action CaptologyOptimization Ads PersuasionSimplicityCopy as interfaceTunellingAdaptive DesignRhetorics Kairos Persuasion Links Search Marketing Getting Real Agile Development FlowConversion Feeds Newsletters Affiliates PathsHuman Information Interaction Information scent Offline SocialStatistics ROISensemaking Hub-Spoke Site navigationDesign Tagging marketing IA2.0 Microformats Facets Residue Attraction TagsViralRecommendation SystemsAPIs Personal Taxonomies Site Search Semantic WebMarketing Social Media Best Bets Link-rich frontpages InfoCludOptimization 27. How to use it? Simple, Adaptive Tool for Thinking Support for Intuition Jump Start Concept Zoom in Concept without Lock-in Set Redesign Priorities Client Communication Fighting Frontpage Focus 28. Try it!Core Inward Paths Outward Paths 29. And Lets Build a BeautifulInformation Universe! 30. Questions? Comments? +47 908 70 026 31. Development Processes 32. Development Processes 33. The Doughnut Problem Process Flows Use Cases Affinity DiagramsStrategySitemaps Personas ?ControlledVocabularies Scenarios User journeysTaxonomies OntologiesUsier storiesPrototypesWireframes