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Creating Learning Pathways with Open BadgesBob PriceHR & OD Systems




10,000 residentsHouses, flats, sheltered schemes, shared ownership and leaseholdersCommercial properties, including Ringland and Bettws shopping centres

3Learning Pool DLE

Learning Pool subscribers for two years making use of the DLECurrently making use of our DLE for a variety of learningModules have been developed to enable an extended range of opportunities and as a method immediate deliveryClassroom Connect has added another facet to the system enabling self managed learning to extend to other areas.


What are Open Badges?


Paper basedEasy to createEasy to displayDifficult to verify BadgesVisual representations


Digital badges: an online representation of a skill youve earned

Open Badges take the idea further: skills are verified through a credible organisation.

Not all digital badges are Open Badges. Some apps and websites issue badges but they are locked into their infrastructure. For example Scouts and social apps (Untappd, Four Square, etc).8

Open BadgesLed by Mozilla Organisation

Open, online standard for verifying skills, learning, interests and achievements

Images with Metadata hard-coded into them

Recognise formal or informal learning

Collect badges from multiple sourcesinto a single backpack and share through social networks


10How it works.

TrainingOnline LearningVolunteer ProgramsLearnerOpen Backpack

Mention Chicago City of Learning project, MOOCs11

Open Backpack

Share to social networks and other websites

Job OpportunitiesLifelong LearningNew Possibilities

How it works.Usage on social media is increasing, LinkedIn will allow badges on profiles12

CVs are a bunch of claims Open Badges are a bunch of evidence13

Badges are stored in Backpacks, a cloud device which is can be linked to issuing servers.


This is my backpack and exists of simple getting started badges, a LMS admin badge and a badge from a MOOC. 15Who is using them?

These are a snapshot of some of the users in the UK. There are many other schools, colleges and organisations who are using badges for a variety of opportunities.

Most of these exist outside of the QCF (which may be considered and advantage or a disadvantage).16

Who is using them?Open learn are using badges to recognise completion of some of their MOOCS. Mainly aimed at school leavers and students, there is a module on learning which I am currently completing17

Who is using them?Nine badges on topics surrounding digital literacy. Some are really hard, others not so. Quiz then learning. 18

Who is using them?New innovation, a baccalaureate for 14 to 19 year olds. All with Open Badges.19

Learning Pathways and Badges

20Steps to takeDefine clear criteria/definition of achievement to earn a badgeBe clear on what is to be achievedBuild the frameworkPublicise!

21Badging ecosystemsDefine your standardsValidateVerifyAuthenticateStandards from in house, QCF, external bodiesHow do we validate the competencies that have been defined?Who ensure that the badging system is operating correctly within the organisation? Are the badges being displayed authentic and from the sources they say they are from? 22Learning pathways using badging ecosystemsFlat form badges are not dependant on each otherThis form is used for individual recognition, eg: schools, one off events such as conferences etc Could also be used for CPD23DependentKey badges are dependant on other badges+=XYZLearning pathways using badging ecosystemsUsed as part of MOOCs and other courses to build a system where steps are accredited towards a whole. Equivalent of gaining credits for taking part in modules. 24LevelledGraded badges with increasing difficulty

Learning pathways using badging ecosystemsCornell university currently using this model to build credits towards the final degree.


Meet the AcademyHow will we use these in Newport City Homes?

Newport City Homes (NCH) is passionate about supporting sustainable communities, they have shown this commitment through their successful apprenticeship programme and the recent addition of the Academy. In 2012 NCH launched, The Academy. Its aims are to enhance the skills and employability of people and Newport City Homes residents in the local community. Reacting to the high unemployment rate and a lack of job in Newport, the Academy is an opportunity for those who are long term unemployed, lack work experience and/ or have barriers stopping them entering work.Since the Academy started, we have given 25 people the opportunity to become trainees and benefit from a placement at NCH. We have seen numerous success stories with the trainees developing their employability, gaining experience, confidence and motivation, and learning other skills in the workplace. NCH has also benefited from the trainees skills and qualities as they have worked alongside and supported our work. We are currently on our third cohort and we have seen people move onto full time roles within Newport City Homes and other organisations. Some trainees have also returned to us on a temporary basis to fill interim posts.

As part of this programme we offer the cohort Essentials skills, BTEC Work skills and a range of compulsory H&S training. This is part of a staged programme of training throughout their six months. However not all of their learning is certified however and so we have developed a range of badges which will recognise these extra achievements.

The plan is to trial these on the current group with a view to potentially rolling these out to future cohorts and possibly to the wider workforce.26

The Learning Pathway

The pathway developed involved badging the academy through the stages of their time with us. The first badges was awarded on successful completion of their induction and outlines what they have learnt during their first few weeks with us. The essential training and safety training badges are then awarded as they completed their e-leaning and classroom modules. Subjects include welfare reform, social housing, fire safety and manula handling.

Finally on successfully completing their six months with us they are awarded an alumni badge.27How we did itBadges awarded via Learn@NCH

Learn@NCH profiles linked to an Open BackpackRecipients show off their achievements!


Learning Pool DLE and Totara LMS have the ability of creating and issuing Open badges that can complete the desired criteria and manually or automatically issue the badge29Badge to be issued for evidenceBadging and NVQs

ModuleUnit 201 DiversityUnit 203 - Health and SafetyE-learning modules to be completed to underpin knowledgeEquality and DiversityHealth and Safety EssentialsFire SafetyManual HandlingFuture plans are under development to underpin the NVQ2 in Housing with e-learning modules. On completion of the modules badges are awarded which are then presented to the assessors. This accreditation of prior learning allows the modules to be completed more efficiently. 30What else?




Open Badgeswww.openbadges.orgLearning Poolwww.learningpool.comOpen Badges MOOCwww.courseites.comOpen Digital Driving & Guild Tech