Creative Marketing Ideas for Churches

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This slideshow identifies unique strategies to market your church. These are authentic ways to reach out to potential new members and show them a glimpse of your church.


  • 1. Custom Window Signs, Car Signs & Banners

2. Creative Marketing Ideas
for Churches

  • Church marketing is tricky.

4. Its important to be noticeable, but many people dont like churches to be pushy, so its all about finding the right balance.

  • Churches need a clear vision of who they are and what they have

to offer so that potential members know what to expect.

  • Here are some unique ideas to reach out to prospective

5. Practical Service

  • Create a team of church members who are eager and willing to

serve the community.

  • Find a need and meet it, whether its minor automotive services

like oil changes, or small home repairs and yard work.

  • By showing you care, youre reaching out in a way to which the

person will respond positively.

  • Mount a vinyl banner in front of your church that provides a

number to call in case someone needs
6. Interactive Website

  • Your website is a synopsis of your church, so it needs to show

potential members exactly who you are.

  • Post sermons and worship services so interested parties can

view them before visiting.

  • Offer ways to connect via social media or even email. This is a

less-intimidating way to approach a new church.
7. Social Media

  • This is a place for your congregation to come together and


  • Ask members to post pictures from church events, like your

Facebookpage, follow your Twitter handle, etc.

  • When church visitors see that you have an active and vibrant

social community, theyre more-encouraged to come check it out.

  • Post window clings at the entrance to your church letting your

congregation know they can connect with you online.
8. New Family Welcome Baskets

  • Introduce your church to new members of the community, or even

just new church visitors.

  • Contact real estate agents to learn of new families in town or use

your welcome cards to contact your visitors.

  • Offer the family a small welcome basket letting them know that

youre here and that you care about them.

  • Include a promotional brochure about your

church and what you have to offer.
9. Member Stickers

  • Vinyl stickers are a fun and unique way to build awareness for

your church.

  • Order die-cut stickers to distribute to your members for

placement on their vehicle windows.

  • Townspeople will notice the stickers all over town and ask the

owner what it means.

  • This is a perfect conversation-starter and a great way for

members to outreach.
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