Enkhzaya Batbayar Update Asm In Mongolia

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  • 1. ASM in Mongolia: up-dates since CASM 2007 CASM 2008, Brasilia by Ch. Enkhzaya and N. Batbayar

2. Outline

  • What was the impact of CASM AC 2007?
  • What is the current situation?
  • What exactly happened in the meantime? (between CASM 2007 and CASM 2008)
  • What do we expect from CASM 2008?

3. What was the impact of CASM 2007?

  • General awareness building:
      • The scope of raised issues and addressed questions: naming a spade a spade, and searching for realizable solutions
      • The number of institutions and people involved: like the National Security Council
      • Consciousness of public servants and the public: micro-mining
      • Participation and Contribution of Mongolians to CASM: Government, NGO,

4. What was the impact of CASM 2007?

  • Realizing the fundamental role of the policy and legal framework:
      • Sub-program 2015 on ASM
      • Temporarily Regulation on ASM
      • Experimental ore processing centers
      • Still difficulties, errors and trials in place

5. What was the impact of CASM 2007?

  • Networking:exchanging experience and communicating expertise: colleagues from all over the world working on solutions for the Mongolias ASM
  • Realizing the importance of coordinated efforts:based on the bottom-up approach. It is still difficult.
  • Strengthening artisanal miners : feel we not alone, confidence to speak for themselves, build capacity

6. What do we expect from CASM 2008?

  • Sharing and learning:
      • to share our ideas on transforming the TR into an approved ASM legislation
      • to discuss the experience with the experimental ore processing centers
      • to improve our skills in interacting with the grass-root
      • AM: where to begin with? How to work with stakeholders? How to best manage conflicts?

7. What do we expect from CASM 2008?

  • Networking
    • with policy implementers (on ASM) worldwide
    • with
  • Exchange experience and learn concrete tools of public dissemination and awareness building
  • Capacity building tools/facilities for ASMs worldwide