Expression sessions – how to take pictures like a pro

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<ol><li> 1. Expression Sessions How to Take Pictures Like a Pro In photography, equipment is not and will never be as essential as technique. A photographer without technique is like a chef with some spiffy utensils who doesnt know how to cook. Learn to master photography techniques and you are well on your way to taking pictures like a pro! 1. Capture photos in high resolution Do not comprise photo quality over memory space. Take all the pixels you can capture because this translates to better image quality. You dont want a great shot that cant be enlarged without it getting blurred and pixelated, do you? So make sure to set the highest resolution before shooting away. 2. Keep your eyes peeled for details Tiny details can make or break a shot, so it is important to get into the habit of checking all the details of your shot. Be certain that the background is clean and has all the necessary elements that would complete the theme, and see to it that the subject has the right hair and makeup, and appropriate clothes and jewellery for your shoot. And unless damaged or broken items are part of the shot you are going for, keep still-life subjects and backgrounds in tip top condition. 3. Level the horizon On a few occasions, a slant horizon may creatively enhance an image, but generally, it should be level, particularly if a body of water is involved. If you have an electronic level view, you can use that to level the horizon. If you dont, then make use of a tripods gauge or attach a level gauge to your cams hotshoe. You can also straighten the horizon in Photoshop if you cant take another shot or didnt notice sooner that its not leveled. 4. Use manual focus Most cameras automatically focus in the center, but its not always where your subject is going to be positioned. Plus, center is rarely the best spot (remember the rule of thirds.) As a result, you end up with out of focus, blurry pictures. To remedy this, use manual focus so you have better control over what to focus and what not. 5. Take lighting into account </li><li> 2. If youre shooting outdoors, the time of day matters. When the sun is below the horizon, it creates warm light and soft shadows. When it is at its highest peak, it gives out harsh light and dense shadows. In order to take a well balanced photograph, you have to have good lighting. Which means you either have to wait for the right time to shoot, or create lighting using flashguns, reflectors, studio lights, or diffusers. 6. Aim for a dynamic composition Strive to highlight perfect symmetry in your photos. To do so, follow the rule of thirds. Your subject does not always have to be in the center of the frame. The rule of thirds suggests that the subject should be positioned at one of the 4 points of your frames grid for a strong and visually interesting perspective. References: professional/ You can check Expression Session WhereIs listing or directly visit </li></ol>