Flex Your Closing Muscles: 7 Tips To Close More Deals

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In business, vagueness is the enemy of success. -Geoery James


Leave Hesitance at the Doorstep

If you have a hot lead, pursue it immediately. A good salesperson recognizes the opportune time to pitch their product.

Pay Attention to Customer Cues

Is the customer ready for the next step? Feedback is key for the prospect to green light moving forward. Asking a simple question like, How does that sound to you? gives the client an opportunity to present feedback before going on.

Face Problems Directly

When problems arise from the buyers side, dont be afraid to raise your own concerns. In order for your product to be eective, the buyer must eliminate any roadblocks on their side. Put the ball in their court to address internal problems.

Beware Dysfunctional Buyers

If a buyer begins to have qualms about something, determine why. Dont let a buyer take advantage of you. Buyers that just scope out prices, demand complex paperwork and dont let you talk to decision makers raise a red ag. Call out the buyer and open lines of communication.

Be Relentless, but Considerate

If you think you have something the customer needs, convince them that they need it. Even better, make your oering irresistible. Dont annoy the customer out of the deal by being pushy.

Specic Goals Are Your Best Friend

Going into every meeting with a set of detailed objectives will make the task seem less daunting. This will also give you an opportunity to benchmark the success of each meeting.

Finish Strong

As the deal enters its nal stages, present a clear and concise summary of what you have to oer. Dont be afraid to ask the customer if theyre comfortable closing. Be condent in your product and ready to combat any last objections.

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