Golden Rules of Trading

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  1. 1. Golden Rules of TradingEvery trader in the financial market wants to earn consistent profit as their second or main source of income but few of them only earn profit from it and rest Iosing their money.The big reason of Iosing money is lndiscipline trading inthe financial market. Through this article we recommend golden rules of trading and if any of market traders follow these golden rules then they can convert their self into winning side from the Iosing side. Ten Golden Rules of Trading: I Always have a trading plan with an entry and exit strategy.When you open a position,stick to your trading plan and don't let your emotions change your mind.I Do not open positions using all the money in your account.This will put your account at a great risk.We advise you to invest up to 5% of your money in one deal. I Do not invest again in your Iosing is always better to keep your winning positions longer and to close your Iosing positions earlier. I Use Stop Loss Orders for your open positions.This will keep your risk under control and will free your mind for new opportunities. I Your goal is to trade with the trend.Do not try to catch the highest or the Iowest price of the movement. I Do not bet against the market,because the market is always right. I Successful traders usually BUY on bad news and SELL on good news. I Do not try to close every trade on profit.This is impossible.Try to keep positive balance between your winning and Iosing trades. I When you want to make a short-term speculation,always keep an eye on the long-term trend.We advise you to trade only when the short-term trendis the same as the long-term trend.I Always improve your trading.You can do that by reviewing your trades.Find out your mistakes and avoid them in the future. lfyou need to get good tips for intraday,MCX,Commodity,Gold,Silver,Copper and equity then you can subscribe our service and get best share tips via SMS service.Our experts will handle your quires and help you to increase your prot with our accurate intradax tips.