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  1. 1. How Do You Get Free Followers On Instagram?The importance of social media in business today is something that is not lost on mostbusiness owners. We have all seen how powerful social networking sites have become.Knowing how to harness the advantages of these sites to attract business customers is all-important. As much as there may be a number of people out there who view socialnetworking as a here today, gone tomorrow gimmick, the prevalence of social networkingsites within the news and entertainment fields shows that social networks are now asmuch a communication tool as the telephone or email.For business owners, the question to ask is a relatively simple one how can you best useyour Twitter or Instagram account to bring in more customers and get those customers tobecome more regular? The fact is that the more followers you have, the better so how doyou get Free Instagram Followers and once you have those followers, what do you donext? It is, by and large, a matter of how much time and persistence you are prepared to putin. You could have a million followers and if you never engaged through the site youd stillhave only limited success.The way to get the best out of Instagram is to fully participate, updating regularly. It mayseem like you would quickly run out of things to photograph and post on your account, butif you are running a business there is always something new to document. Whatever yourbusiness may be, if you can think of an interesting way to share your progress with a wideraudience then you can generate sales leads and bring more people to your door. The moreyou participate, and the more human you are in the eyes of your followers, the better thechances that you will get a business benefit from this.The truth is that photo sharing sites have blown up in the last few years as mobile phonesbecome more multi-functional. Its now very easy to take a photo on your phone, have itautomatically upload to the internet and post it on a site. Add a short message and put it onInstagram, perhaps with a filter applied, and you could have something that people want toshare. The more followers you have, the more times it is likely to be shared which is whyso many people ask the question How Do You Get Free Followers on Instagram?.It should always be remembered that Instagram is about a lot more than how manyfollowers you can collect. If youre just seeing it as a gallery then you might as well juststore the photos on your phone. To really get the best out of it you need to make it morelike an open house where the pictures are something that drive conversation and invitecomment. That is, after all, the social part of social networking.