How to make your Website more Interesting ?

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<p>Steps of SEO</p> <p>ON PAGE | OFF PAGE</p> <p>Off Page Link BuildingQuality,Quantity, Relevancy.High Quanting Backlinks.Use optimized keywords in the links.Relevant Links.</p> <p>Social MediaAuthority,Connections, Followers.Facebook : Shares, Likes.Twitter: Followers, retweets.Google plus + Ranking Signals.</p> <p>Article MarketingDirectory Submission, Blogs, forums, Press Release.</p> <p>ReputationWebsite Reputation, Domain Authority, Page Authority,Reviews.</p> <p>On Page Title tagMeta tagsDesignDevelopmentContentURL StructureRSS feeds CreationRobot.txt CreationImages OptimizationWebsite Structure OptimizationGoogle tool SetupPage Speed Optimizations</p> <p>What is PPC? Pay Per ClickPay Per Click (PPC) is an online marketing and advertising formula, where the advertiser does not pay a fee to place an advert, but rather pays a certain amount of money each time someone clicks on their ad and is taken to their website.</p> <p>Steps of PPC :1. Identify the Product you are Selling2. Keyword Research and PPC3. Build your PPC Campaign Piece by Piece4. Build Specific Landing Pages5. Ad Variation6. Report and Analytics7. Refine Your Campaign</p> <p>780-628-1791</p> <p>Edmonton Tech780-628-1791</p> <p>Website:-</p>