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How To Use Twitter for BusinessSession 02: Twitter 101


AgendaUnderstand how twitter can influence business.Conventions used on Twitter The Building Blocks of Tweets.


How Twitter Helps

With Twitter you can connect with people and businesses around the globe.Having over 300 million monthly active users and 500 million Tweets sent every day, Twitter offers your business an opportunity to reach potential customers interested in what you have to offer.Whats more, 80% of users on Twitter are accessing it via a mobile device. There is an opportunity for businesses to reach potential customers no matter where they are or what theyre doing.


Advantages of TwitterListen and learn. Find out whats going on in your industry and what your customers are interested in.

Drive awareness.Raise the profile of your business and increase the impact of your marketing by using Twitter to regularly communicate with your followers. Extend your reach even further with Twitter Ads.


Provide customer service. Almost three quarters of users said Twitter provides them with a quick way to reply to customer service issues. Use it to quickly and easily respond to support queries and to develop a good reputation for your business and strong relationships with customers.

Connect with influencers. Twitter breaks down the barriers and enables you to connect with anyone. Its a great way of joining or even starting discussions with influencers and industry experts to raise the profile of your business and build valuable connections.

Advantages of Twitter

A Typical Tweet

This is a tweet. It consists of 140 characters or less which includes spaces. It can contain text, photos, links and videos.

However, if you have a URL and that is what makes you go over the limit, Twitter will automatically shorten it for you.


A Typical Tweet ReplyYou can click reply to respond to a Tweet. Replying to a Tweet is a nice way to build relationships with your followers and join in conversations.


A Typical Tweet RetweetRetweeting is where you choose to take a Tweet from someone else and Tweet it to your own followers.

You can either do this directly with the Retweet button or you can use the Quote Tweet button to add your own message to the original Tweet


A Typical Tweet FavoritesBy making something a favourite you have a great way of acknowledging or showing your appreciation for content that someone else has tweeted.

It can also be useful to use as a bookmarking tool if you want to easily find a Tweet again.


A Typical Tweet HashtagA hashtag is any word, or phrase without spaces, beginning with the # symbol. People use hashtags to organize conversations and make it easier to find all content related to a given topic. Click on a hashtag to go directly to the search results for that term.


A Typical Tweet MentionBring a Tweet to another persons attention by including their @username in your message.

You could use it to ask someone a question, to thank them or simply to highlight a piece of content.


SummaryTwitter helps you find out what is happening within your business area.It helps you keep up to date with both rivals and suppliers. Helps you connect with customers views be it good or bad!!Tweets are composed of many parts use them all!!!


Next session, we will;Learn how to access TwitterCreate an online profile

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