HR Practice on ABC Television

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Human Resource Management and Development Practice on ABC Television, Nepal.


<ul><li> 1. HR Roles andChallenges in Media Presented By: Prakash Dhakal </li> <li> 2. Background of the studyAt present, in this competitive business world, the HR managementhas become business managers hot topic in various enterprise.Especially for the Media, who are seeking for the high level humanresources management to improve their performance really needqualified and technically sound employees.ABC Television as a forth news channel in Nepal, gaining thepopularity within the short period is itself a challenging work. It isonly possible if HRD is more concerned about their employees. </li> <li> 3. HR Functions Acquisition Development Motivation Maintenance HR Planning (planning on the job specification) Recruitment ( is the process of employee hiring form internal or from the external sources ) Selection (selection of the skilled employee after recruitment ) Placement ( placement of the selected people in required dept.) </li> <li> 4. HR Functions Acquisition Development Motivation Maintenance Need (analyzing the need of the trainings and devt. packages.) Assessment ( evaluation of job performance of the employees) Trainings (Training is provided to the lower level of employees) Development ( Development packages is provided to the higher level of the employees) </li> <li> 5. HR Functions Acquisition Development Motivation Maintenance Job Design (Right people for right place) Rewards ( Rewards are the basic elements for the employee motivation. Appraisal, awards, promotion are the examples ) Performance (Motivation helps to raise employees performance) Appraisal ( Giving emphasis on the success of employees) </li> <li> 6. HR Functions Acquisition Development Motivation Maintenance Compensation (salaries and benefits) Welfare( making employees happy) Safety (employees health, insurance, protect employees) Grievance and Handeling </li> <li> 7. Objectives of the StudyTo find out the roles, recruitment polices, selectionprocedures, structure of the organization.To identify the compensation and reward packages of theorganization for the employeesTo identify the challenges and opportunities of the HRdepartment </li> <li> 8. Introduction of ABC TVEstablished: 2008 (to grab the opportunity of growing market of electronic media in Nepal)Location: Sundhara Kathmandu, Nepal. Web: www.abctvnepal.comNo of Employees : 250 (Total employees within Nepal) : 130 (within the Head Office)Information Flow : Down to up (pyramid)They stick with the abbreviation on Accuracy Balance Credibility </li> <li> 9. Introduction of ABC TVFeatures : 24 hr. News Channel : Advance Technology : Fast Access Live Telecast : Quality Maintained (for the accurate information) : Initiate society for the Social awareness programs : Voluntary support rather than economic support </li> <li> 10. Profile of DGMDeputy General ManagerName: Kailash R. PradhanEducation: Masters in Media ManagementExperience: 20 yrs in Media (Started with journalism) Past Activities Editor: Nepal Jagaran and Sapthaik Board of Director: Gorkhapatra Sansthan Associated with foreign journalism federation DGM: Nepal Samachar Patra for 4 years. </li> <li> 11. Recruitment and SelectionEmployee are hired according to rules and regulation enforced bythe Federation of Nepalese Journalist Recruitment Internal Recruitment: (if criteria meet) Procedure External Recruitment: Vacancy announce through scrolling ads, from Nagarik Dainik, Republica, Rajdhani Selection and Nayapatrika (preferable) Procedure </li> <li> 12. Recruitment and SelectionEmployee are hired according to rules and regulation enforced bythe Federation of Nepalese Journalist CV Analysis: first screening process Recruitment Short listing: if criteria meet for the given role Procedure Interview: direct interview for the short listed Selection : candidates are selected by the board Placement: after selection procedure Selection Procedure (Note: ABC Televisions HR do not favor Nepotism and Favoritism) </li> <li> 13. Training and DevelopmentFor Goal Oriented ActivitiesTrainings are provided to thoseemployees, who really need to improvetheir performance, and developmentactivities to sharp their skills.Main aim of these activities is tocoordinate, cooperate and supporttheir employees to achieve theorganizational goal. </li> <li> 14. Performance EvaluationEmployees performance are evaluated yearly, on the basis of: Breaking news collection Mileage gain and the popularity of the news Completion of their given activities Regularities (no absenteeism and punctuality on work) Time deliver (work deliver in time) Innovative ideas and productivity </li> <li> 15. Rewards and PunishmentWe dont consider only money as a motivational tool for our employees - Kailash R. Pradhan Employee Felicitation Award ceremony Employee Appreciation Employee Promotion (upgrading) Punishment: They give initial warning, stop promotion, upgrading junior rather than concern personnel, even they do not fire and humiliate employee. </li> <li> 16. MethodologyData collection Primary data collection Method (Direct Interview with concern person) Limitation of the study Secondary source: Internet ( Reliability and Validity </li> <li> 17. MethodologyData collection Method Only one source of information Limitation of Information collected from DGM the study No information gathered from other employees Reliability and Validity </li> <li> 18. MethodologyData collection Method All the information here are accurate according to the information provided by the DGM Limitation of the study Accuracy and reliability of the information is depend upon the Reliability information provided by the DGM and Validity </li> <li> 19. Findings and Analysis ABC believes on other motivational rewards factors rather than money. Better Coordination between lower and higher level employees. (using upward communication channel) No conflict within the organization. Absenteeism rate is low, it shows all employees are satisfied on their work. The employees are the generators of the organization. </li> <li> 20. Hidden ProblemsThere is still a confusion on employee satisfaction(because it is said that employee leave organization withoutnotifying) </li> <li> 21. ConclusionWe are able to analyze the importance and properfunctioning of HR department in particularelectronic media sector. </li> <li> 22. Any Questions ?? </li> </ul>