Inexpensive 18th birthday party ideas

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  • Inexpensive 18th Birthday Party Ideas Considering the global economy, it is hard to throw off a big gathering nowadays. But this isnt enough grounds not to celebrate an essential highlight of a young person turning into a young lady. Here are some Low-cost 18th Birthday Party Ideas that are suitable when you are on a budget plan. No one has to break down her billfold or max out her cost savings only to celebrate her daughters 18th birthday. These 18th birthday party ideas are a big help to a mother and daughter in planning the party.

    1. Picnic celebration: It is usually one of the most costs - effective method and intimate way of spending an 18th birthday with your family and friends. You have a chance to choose your Favorite Park or beach to celebrate your 18th birthday. You'll enjoy the outdoor activities like; Dodge ball, badminton, volleyball and even a mini obstacle race. Grilled burgers and hotdogs, nachos, pizza and club sandwiches washing it down with a cold drink like juices or iced tea are the party food serves in this kind of party affair.

    2. Renting a Club: One of the most exciting places that the

    teens go to are bars and concert events. They really like the party food and beverages and companionship of their friends. Another best way to celebrate an 18th birthday is renting a club. Now that they are on their perfect age, this is the first time that they will be able to celebrate it there. There are few things to consider in celebrating in a bar. The dress code and their house rules .

    1. You can also add to the fun by adding more party activities

    rather than settling for the club activity itself. Like a dance and singing competition. Nothing can be fun more than spending

  • time with your friends by having a healthy competition while celebrating your 18th birthday.

    2. An Overnight Party: You can spend your 18th birthday party

    by inviting your friends over to stay for the night. You can play indoor games like, charade, monopoly, and sharpen your jargon with a game of scrabble. You can enjoy doing a beauty makeover on each other. If these arent enough you can step it up a notch by enlisting a party hire who does outdoor movies. Rent out a truck with a large movie projector and watch your favorite sweet flicks all through the night.

    These are only a few examples on how to spend an 18th birthday without breaking the bank. Having a memorable party and being able to celebrate it with those you love is the thing that makes an 18th birthday party meaningful. No one has to get deprived in having an 18th birthday celebration, just because you are on the budget right?