Interesting Facts About Car Manufacturers

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  • Interesting Facts about Car ManufacturersThere are many interesting facts about automobiles and their manufacturers. These facts are usually not highlighted and even the most ardent car lovers are not aware of them. Most people are not aware that a car is made of almost 30,000 parts.

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    For all car fanatics who love to keep detailed information on these vehicles, we bring a list of interesting facts about car manufacturers.

    1) Volkswagen: The German word Volkswagen means 'People's Car'. Hitler had ordered Ferdinand Porsche to build a car for the people. Following his instructions, Porsche made Volkswagen. Today, Volkswagen owns many leading car brands, including Bentley, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, and Ducati.

    2) BMW: The logo of this company is inspired by the flag of the home country Bavaria. Also, the building of the head office of BMW is shaped like four cylinders. The company uses similar shaped four cylinders for its car too!

    3) Suzuki: Indira Gandhi the Prime Minister of India, in 1971, had asked her son and politician Sanjay Gandhi to get a 'People's Car' for the country residents. Volkswagen was the first choice for Sanjay Gandhi, but later the contract was given to Suzuki who manufactured the Maruti 800. For all those who own Maruti cars or any other car may get in touch with the above-mentioned dealer who deals in Suzuki Car Parts.

    4) Audi: The ace car manufacturer Audi is a combination of 4 companies, namely Audi, DKW, Horsch, and Wanderer. The logo of the company is based on this partnership of the four organizations. A few notable facts about Audi R8 cars are that all pieces of this car have to undergo a strict quality check process which also includes an x-ray check. Also, every single car of this model has 36520 stitches on the leather-based interior!

    5) Hindustan Motors: The most well known car from this car giant was the Ambassador. Though, the production of this model is discontinued, but just before the company announced this news, Ambassador was awarded the Best Taxi in the World Award at the Beaulieus World of Top Gear Motorsport Show.

    There is a host of interesting facts about other car manufacturers too. We have mentioned only the top five among them!