Modern luxury bathroom flooring design ideas

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Modern Luxury Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas

Bathroom Interior is one of the important sections of Interior Design whether it may be office or Home.

While designing for Home needs more creativity and care to design trendy, luxurious and modern

bathrooms. There are multiple styles of flooring that looks impressive. The bathroom accessories like

showers, sinks, bath tubs and window coverings look attractive when designed with contrasting and cool

flooring colors. The flooring should be long lasting, durable, water resistant and easy to wash. The

different types of flooring you can choose are listed and demonstrated below. Select the best material

that can be affordable and survive for high traffic and moisture.

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Glass Tile:

Glass Tiles are offers eye catching sleek, modern and luxury look and feel as well as environmentally

good. Lighting effects in bathroom made royal appearance with Glass Tiles.

Porcelain Tile:

Porcelain Tiles are best choice as it environmentally good and easy to clean offers good impression at

low cost.

Vinyl Tile:

Vinyl tile flooring is one of options for bathroom flooring. High end vinyl flooring tiles is durable where

low end vinyl is inexpensive with life expectancy of about 10 years max.

Ceramic Tile:

Ceramic Tiles have shiny and glossy surface with attractive design and colors. It reduces the humidity

which prevents mosses and fungi breeding. Cleaning and Maintenance is easy.

Natural Stone Flooring:

The Natural stone flooring is highly chosen for its strength and durability. There are multiple choices you

can make from Natural sand stones like Teakwood, Panther, Mint Green, Kota Desert, Modak, Raj

Green, Mint Pink, Jodhpur Pink, and Ivory White. It has some Types listed here.


It can be available in different eye patching colors with good endurance make better option to choose.


Marble is a quality stone in all over India which appearance looks pleasant but it so soft which can easily

be damaged. Proper care is essential, not good for heavy load.


Its available with various textures and shades which makes it more impressive to look at as well as

resistant to scratches.

Lime Stone:

It is cost worthy and offers superior look along with rich earthy shades that makes outdoor flooring



Travertine tiles are readymade and easy to fix. It is a high quality premium tiles offers warm and antique

texture that fulfills your needs at very low cost. Cleaning made easy with Travertine tiles.

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With the above choices of flooring you can enhance your bathroom interiors cool and outstanding.

These are latest trendy ideas for you luxury bathroom interior design. You can afford them at cost

effective prices.

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