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Text of New version of $mgt acc theory on sales-08 may18

  • 1. * * Search and Research Management [/Accounting]Theory? theory on sales for practicing managers discussion, discourse and dialog* (3d) an inspiration from an ad of theory by a departmental [email protected] and teaching $i2INK for PhD12+ students and iMPM4$two for MBA and EMBA students and PhD12+ students via i2$INK and iMPM4$two Wharton 1881-1991 Mintzberg (2005) Managers==MBA, P..52 Theory is from the God not gods snake, but 5 Mindsets of McGill-iMPM4$tw stand on the shoulders of giants , , Source: one advertisement of Far Eastern Center at Taipei. High-Class Man and Women Fashion on the Liberty Times C8 on April 1 (Good Fool again), 2008. Thinker, Tinker and Cooper02/19/13 (c)others+(c)opyleft 2008 [email protected]$INK Other book see 1
  • 2. i2ICE(McLEE, 2006 after Haag et al., 2005), , , , , , . **PROLOG :Mintzberg(2004/5 ) MBA , Managers not MBAs. iMPM model EMBA and MBA. **AIM : , , , , **VISION : [ ] , , ! **MISSION : EMBA : McGill-iMPM , , *ACTION : 1: Yahoo!us , Yahoo!Groups , kimo Yahoo! US Groups . 2:Yahoo! [ ] 3: , , . 4: , , English , , ! 5:However, , ,English, ! 6: , , , , [M1n321 INK-SSCI-SCI ]M1for ; [E2n168 ] ; [D2n078 ] ;[M1k074 ] , 5: Start Topic, InSite InvisibleNetworkKnowg4Outsiders Messages , Reply, , , Happy Study and AIM: This international and interdisciplinary (i2ICE, McLEE 2006) group of learning by doing Knowing around the World! (c)2006+McLEE updated Mar(Arrow-KJ, 1962) and sharing aims to make uses of SSCI, SCI, AHCI or citation-like (icicicipat) 24, 2008 McGill-iMPM4tw [ ] INVISIBLE NETWORK of KNOWLEDGE (INK-model) of your field [] in databases to build an @ [ ] general, management or sub-field in particular. The purpose is a smart start-up and take-off strategy to publish more but better while read less but better while do research via paradigms mining. INK-model has published some papers into icicici journals in the short time (see FILES area). Old or common scholarly terminology includes scientometrics, bibliometrics, citation, co- citation, co-word, co-author, co-inventor, co-assignee, patent citation analysis etc. See more @FAQ VISION: Old epistemology of PhD program seems outdated in the age of Internet and search engine, all of us need a our INK-yr [andhis] to complement with major or minors TIMELINE and mapping and then turn to a concise and concrete literature OVERVIEW (DeSolla Price, 1965; Porter-AL et al.,2002). *MISSION: Let us use this integrated collaborated environment (i2ICE, McLEE, 2006 after Haag-S et al., 2005) from good research proposal to good publishable SSCI-SCI-AHCI papers via learning while building interdisciplinary 3rd knowledge production (Giddens-M et al., 1994). In order to know now (, 2005) the paradigms (Kuhn-T, 1962) of your fields before you do the RIGHT thing right (Drucker, 1964). Let us collaborate to i2INK out our own INK-yr and our joint INK-your AND -his. i2INK song is cite you cite me. Updated old INK-SSCI-SCI on Feb 08, 2008(c) McLEE. , , , [ ] , datamining into knowledge ( ) , SSCI-SCI-AHCI journals . (c)others+(c)opyleft 200802/19/13 [email protected]$INK 2