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Ready to take your networking or job search to the next level? Learn how to leverage tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and blogs to develop a career-focused networking strategy. Improve your access to job postings and company research, share and demonstrate your expertise, and implement a professional online presence to connect with hiring managers, recruiters and career contacts.

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  • 1.Topics Deni&on of Social Media Why Use it? Create Your Plan Expand Your Network Build Your Presence Keep It Current 2

2. Deni&on Social media - primarily web and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing informa&on among human beings. 3 3. Its Huge Facebook: 1,000,000,000 ac&ve users TwiSer: 175,000,000 ac&ve users LinkedIn: 150,000,000 registered users Pinterest: 8,000,000 ac&ve users Blogs: 346,000,000 people read blogs every day YouTube: 800,000,000 unique visitors last month 4 4. Why use it? Its Essen&al! One in ve hiring managers conduct background searches using social networks, primarily Facebook (Mashable) 65% of all openings are lled through internal movement or referrals (CareerXroads 2012 Report) 5 5. Gebng Started Create Your Plan Do Your Research Build Your Presence Keep it Current 6 6. Create Your Plan Listen to whats being said in your industry Technora& and Google Blogsearch YouTube to see whos talking about your area of interest TwiSer for relevant conversa&ons LinkedIn and Facebook for groups and company pages 7 7. Create a Plan, cont. Dene your brand - be consistent Values Whats important to you? Posi&oning What dieren&ates you? Visual iden&ty Colors, style, avatar Key messages and voice What do you want to communicate? Simplicity is key Your story How you connect in a compelling and authen&c way, making you memorable 8 8. Do Your Research Iden&fy the companies youre interested in Search to nd people working for these companies LinkedIn Proles and Company Page connect with people and join relevant groups Google, Bing, Yahoo search Facebook company pages TwiSer 9 9. Do Your Research and Connect Connect with them! Social media has broken down barriers, messaging someone youre not friends with is OK Do your homework on the company and the person your contac&ng, crah a message that states your interest, without asking for a job (at rst) Eventually ask if there are open posi&ons 10 10. Build a Powerful Presence Create a content calendar which denes what youll post about and when (e.g., Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Interviews, how-to, new informa&on, Lists, etc. Post videos occasionally Create new content regularly Write brief pieces with lots of visual breaks for people to absorb Images draw peoples aSen&on at least 1 graphic per post Write passionately! 11 11. Build a Powerful Presence, cont. Create a Facebook Page and TwiSer Accounts Complete the prole Leverage your branding (colors, avatar) FB: Connect with as many friends as possible you can use your email list to invite people to Like you TwiSer: Follow relevant people Clean up your exis&ng personal Facebook prole and TwiSer Accounts Hiring managers WILL look at these 12 12. Build a Powerful Presence Blog - Set-up a blog that centers around you exper&se and your passion Use or (beginners) Select a theme (template) that reects your brand Buy an appropriate domain name Your About page should be about you and your professional background Make it easy to comment on your site, easy to subscribe Use easy to read fonts 13 13. 14 14. Build a Powerful Presence, cont. Post updates on FB and Tweet Tweet your blog posts leverage exis&ng content Connect with recruiters on TwiSer Comment and ask ques&ons on other blogs to build awareness and establish your credibility Subscribe to blogs that post jobs, i.e., 15 15. 16 16. 17 17. 18 18. Build a Powerful Presence, cont. Create a video resume - they serve as a dieren&ator in the recrui&ng process Keep it short 1 to 2 minutes Describe the value you can contribute to a given posi&on, explain why youre the best person for the job and talk about your background in a story-like format hSp:// 19 19. Pinterest - What is it? Pinterest is a virtual pinboard that lets people share anything and any topic on the web that they nd interes&ng and beau&ful e.g., pictures, quotes, recipes, etc. Conceptually similar to social bookmarking sites. Content is organized in Boards and organized in categories. Each piece of content is called a Pin 20 20. Examples of Pins 21 21. Pinterest is one of the largest social media networks on the web. The network saw +4377% growth between May 2011 and May 2012. 22 22. How to use it Pin your resume Create a resume pin board Follow career experts Link to your Pinterest resume (Facebook, LinkedIn) One more tool for your arsenal # 23 23. 24 24. # 25 25. LinkedIn LinkedIn 80% of employers use for pre-screening The worlds largest professional network with over 175 million registered members and growing rapidly. Connects you to your trusted contacts and helps you exchange knowledge, ideas, and opportuni&es with a broader network of professionals. hSp:// 26. 29 27. 30 28. 31 29. Proles First step in controlling your professional iden&fy online. Authorita&ve source on your career. Represents your career accomplishments and opens the door to new opportuni&es. Communicates your professional brand. Enables people to connect and reconnect with you. 100% complete prole contains an execu&ve summary, your skill set, educa&on, 3 recent posi&ons and 3 recommenda&ons. 33 30. 34 31. 35 32. 36 33. Prole - Basic Informa&on Gives snapshot of you and your professional brand. Name and other name Professional Headline defaults to your current job &tle, but you can customize it to reveal something about your exper&se and personality. Include loca&on and industry to help people reconnect or reach out to you with new opportuni&es. 34. Edit Basic Informa&on 38 35. 39 36. Prole - Job History Add at least 3 recent posi&ons. If you company isnt listed, add it. Provide details on your responsibili&es. This drama&cally helps improve search results. 40 37. Add Prior Posi&ons 41 38. 42 39. Prole - Educa&on Include detail about your formal educa&on. Lets people youve known in the past connect with you. Where and what youve studied provides insights into your professional exper&se. Opens up valuable connec&ons to Alumni, Professors or others with similar backgrounds. 43 40. 44 41. Prole Execu&ve Summary Your chance to summarize your professional brand. Use this to describe your specic exper&se, your career accomplishments, and professional goals. Let some personality come out by wri&ng in the rst person or describing the aspects of your job that youre most passionate about. Include keywords that describe your exper&se. These help recruiters, employers and poten&al collaborators nd you when searching LinkedIn. 45 42. 46 43. Prole Recommenda&ons Quick way for people to get a sense of your strengths as a professional and for you to help out your connec&ons in a few simple steps. Click on Asked to be Endorsed on any posi&on on your prole and select which connec&on can speak to your work at that posi&on. Theyll submit a brief recommenda&on for your approval. You can control which recommenda&ons to display by clicking Manage 3 recommenda&ons required to have a 100% complete prole. 47 44. Prole Recommenda&ons Quick way for people to get a sense of your strengths as a professional and for you to help out your connec&ons in a few simple steps. Click on Asked to be Endorsed on any posi&on on your prole and select which connec&on can speak to your work at that posi&on. Theyll submit a brief recommenda&on for your approval. You can control which recommenda&ons to display by clicking Manage 3 recommenda&ons required to have a 100% complete prole. 48 45. 49 46. Prole Recommenda&ons To recommend the strong work of a colleague or business partner, visit their prole and click Recommend this person be sure to include specic details in your recommenda&on. An authen&c recommenda&on helps people to get a sense of what its like to work with this person. 50 47. 51 48. Prole Addi&onal Informa&on Include addi&onal informa&on to round out your prole Add links to your company website or porvolio to let people see more of your professional work. Add interests beyond your career and any groups you are associated with. Touch on awards or honors that may dis&nguish your educa&on. Gives clearer picture of your professional iden&ty and helps you appear in search results when people are searching by keyword. 52 49. 53 50. 54 51. Company Pages Central hub where millions of LinkedIn members can go to keep in the loop on company news, products and services, business opportuni&es, and job openings. Also perfect place to start conversa&on with your customers, prospec&ve clients, job seekers, post company updates. Post industry ar&cles and fun facts. These updates appear on your company page and also the pages of your followers. Have followers Like your post so it goes viral. Analy&cs pages to see ac&vity on the page. 55 52. 56 53. 57 54. 58 55. 59 56. In Summary Cover the basics 100% complete prole Get meaningful recommenda&ons Post updates Join groups Use value-added applica&ons Become an expert with LinkedIn Answers Set up a page for you company and start connec&ng 60 57. Keep It Current Post new content and status updates regularly Con&nue to comment on other blogs Con&nue to listen to whats being said out there Make it easy for people to reach you Be condent and consistent 61 58. Youre ready! Integrate social media and the tradi&onal approach add all your social media links to your resume! 62 59. Thank you! Bri