Personal data Protection Act Singapore How-to Perform Assessment

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Short overview of an approach to conduct an assessment of your corporation to evaluate exposure of against the new Personal data Protection Act in Singapore


  • 1. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION ACT PDPA ASSESSMENT HOW TO? April 2013 EPC Partners Pte Ltd. All right Reserved
  • 2. Recommended steps: PDPA Assessment April 2013 EPC Partners Pte Ltd. All right Reserved 1. Review of new law by your Legal Dept. Will conrm the level of priority and risk if no compliance with the new law 2. Schedule PDPA Assessment Select appropriate resources for interview, ?ming, venue Provide some informa?on about your main resource team 3. PDPA Assessment Collec?on of informa?on from selected resources 4. Analysis & RecommendaCons Gap analysis, priori-za-on of issues 5. PresentaCon of results Report of assessment will be presented Legal Review PDPA Assessment Analysis & Recommendations Result Presentation Meeting Schedule for PDPA Assessment
  • 3. PDPA Assessment Requirements: We made it easy for you! We only need: April 2013 EPC Partners Pte Ltd. All right Reserved 3 Org Chart Time Resources Meeting Space Manager or executives. -Please select one or more individuals with in depth knowledge of the area you choose for the Assessment. These individuals should have a grasp on both the relevant technical and business issues. -Each interview Assessment is designed to take no longer than 2 hours. Interviews will conducted during specific days determined by the window person Meeting Room -We would like you to select one room in your office where we can hold interview meetings with the persons that you would have selected 1 hour meeting -The results and the recommendations will be presented during the next business day after the last day of interview. Whos who in your organization -An organization chart to visually confirm resources and their position in your organization.
  • 4. 4 April 2013 EPC Partners Pte Ltd. All right Reserved EPC Partners Pte Ltd. Singapore +65 8622 0345 Your Success is Our Reward