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Social Media Solutions for Value-Added Resellers.


  • 1. Partner Marketing is offering these packagesto help you SUCCEED In Social Media
  • 2. PACKAGE 1 SM-ASocial Media AnalysisAn analysis of your companyscurrent efforts and initiatives insocial media and applies industrybest practices as a benchmark forevaluation.Deliverables:- Social Media Analysis Report
  • 3. Sample Social Media Analysis Document Sections Include: Analysis Score Current Initiatives - Overview - Optimization Tactics - Best Practices Suggested Initiatives - Set Up Tutorials - Enhancement Options - Best Practices Next Steps
  • 4. PACKAGE 2 SM-CCGContent Creation GuideThis service is designed to assist indevelopment of appropriate contentfor current channels as well as developa strategic schedule and purpose foreach content push.Deliverables:- Audience Profiling- Location of Brand Advocates and Thought Leaders- Channel/Topic Selection- Schedule Development
  • 5. PACKAGE 3 SM-FCCChannel CreationThis service to establish an immediate andprofessional social presence that establishesbrand identity, attracts the target audienceand integrates with the overall marketing andbrand initiatives.Deliverables:- Create or enhance four public channels- Augment with appropriate and aesthetic look/feel- Train client on use and administration- Push initial content
  • 6. Help your company look:CurrentFreshProfessionalConsistent
  • 7. PACKAGE 4 SM-IASocial Media Insights and Analysis The Insights and Analysis package provides a clear evaluation of your market opportunities, pitfalls and competition. Deliverables: - Client Discovery Call - Audience Profiling and Industry Client Research - Insights Refinement Call - Custom Insights and Analysis Document
  • 8. Sample Insights and AnalysisDocument Sections Include: Executive Summary Initial Findings: - Pain Points - Objectives - Activation Hurdles - Target Audience - Competition - Current Initiatives Analysis Suggested Next Steps Best Practices
  • 9. PACKAGE 5 SM-SSocial Media Strategy and ImplementationA detailed plan for your companythat identifies key objectives,outlines strategies, and determinessuccess metrics to guide your socialmedia efforts.Deliverables:- Client Discovery Call- Profile of Target Audience- On-Site Research and Strategy- Refinement Call- Social Media Execution Plan- Four-Part Follow Up Program
  • 10. Social Media Execution PlanSocial Media Strategy and ImplementationSections Include:- Executive Summary - Content Guide- Discovery Findings - Project Plan- Audience Profiling - Milestones and KPIs- Strategic Channels - Deliverables
  • 11. Interested In Hearing More?Contact us to learn more about how one ofthese packages will generate tangibleresults for your company. Contact: 866-370-6712