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<p>So you want to improve your golf?</p> <p>"Never had a golf lesson in my life" is a phrase uttered with smug satisfaction by a good many people. The correct reply is, of course, "That's why you are not better than you are." Henry Longhurst.Mind Fit LtdDo you really want to improve your business and your golf?A lower handicap?To beat your mates?Enjoy your golf more?Become Club Champion?Make it your career?Or something else?</p> <p>Mind Fit will help you, with whatever you want from your golf?</p> <p>What do you want from your golf?Several years ago Ben Hogan was asked to film a new commercial for his company Hogan Golf. Not too surprising until you realise was by now in his 80s and had not played much golf due to ill health. On top if this, his legs were getting worse from the car accident that almost claimed his life in the early part of his career.</p> <p>Hogan agreed and on the designated day the camera crew were set-up alongside all the other production that was necessary for the filming. Hogan duly arrived in his golf cart and made his way to the teeing area.</p> <p>On passing the guy in control of the golf balls he asked for only 3 balls and moved forward into position. Now Hogan never allowed anyone to watch him practice. Famously years before Nick Faldo was having lunch with Hogan and when he asked if he could watch Hogan practice after lunch Hogan thanks him for asking and said No!.</p> <p>Everyone was expectant at the prospect of watching the great man hit shots. After a couple of waggles he made his first swing and topped the ball. A noticeable hush descended as he made another couple of waggles and made his second swing. This time he hit the ball somewhere around the equator and the ball fizzed down the practice area very low.</p> <p>Continued next page</p> <p>What Ben Hogan knew!Finally, Hogan set-up to the third and final ball, the crew were now concerned at what might unfold as the day progressed. Hogan made his third swing and hit the ground too much removing a large divot before the ball.</p> <p>At this stage no-one knew where to look and some were wondering if they might get any good footage at all for the commercial.</p> <p>Hogan turned around to face everyone and announced that he was ready. He promptly hit shot after shot perfectly and in no time at all the assembled crew were congratulating Hogan on a great days shoot and pleased with what would prove to be a successful advertising campaign.</p> <p>One of the producers sidled over to Hogan at the end of the shoot curious as to what happened with the first three shots. </p> <p>Hogan explained that as it had been several months since he had last hit a golf ball, that he needed to get his eye in. The purpose of the first three shots was to work out where the ball was and indeed the ground!</p> <p>What Ben Hogan knew!Do YOU know where the ground is?The Fosbury Flop is a style used in the high jump. Popularized and perfected by American athlete Dick Fosbury, whose gold medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics brought it to the world's attention. Over the next few years the flop became the dominant style of the event and remains so today. With the advent of deep foam matting high jumpers were able to be more adventurous in their landing styles and hence experiment with styles of jumping.What other sports have done to improve?The Fosbury FlopThe whole principle came from the idea that if you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved each by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together.</p> <p>We then heard about how his cyclists wash their hands really well, slept on the same pillow every night, and had every aspect of their lives improved (as well as their bikes). </p> <p>Dave BrailsfordWhat have other sports done to improve?British CyclingBought new clubs?Expensive option good for the manufacturers!Bought books, videos, dvds and magazines?Lots of contradiction? How do you apply the information?Had some lessons?How many and how many different coachs and opinions?</p> <p>Did any of it work?What will you do NEXT?</p> <p>So what have YOU doneso far?</p> <p>Mind Fit Golf makes it simple!</p> <p>The BEST things are simple!Mind Fit makes it simple!8</p> <p>Mind Fit makes it simple!</p> <p>9</p> <p>What the experts say:Lower YOUR scoresPractice with PURPOSE &amp; SUCCESSStay CALM and FOCUSEDHit MORE fairwaysHole MORE puttsGreater understanding of every shot SIMPLY!Impress YOUR friendsDevelop YOUR SKILLSPractice what the pros doAnything else YOU want to add?</p> <p>What mind Fit canDo for YOU?A simple 3 Step Process that links how you think, move and play!How YOUR BRAIN processes the informationWhat YOU learn by really watching the BALLHow YOUR BODY needs to move</p> <p>By creating quality FEEDBACK, YOU raise YOUR AWARENESS, which in turn increases YOUR ability to FOCUS &amp; CONTROL what YOU do.</p> <p>Mind Fit is VERYDIFFERENT.Its a PROCESS not a method!Hours of unfocused practiceEmbarrassing shotsYour friendshipsUseless advice Being out of controlUnnecessary lessonsMoney!</p> <p>And you will improve your business too!!!</p> <p>What youll save:</p> <p>Tony WestwoodDirector of Mind Fit SportsYour coach wherever YOU are!If youre serious you know you have to do it yourself we show you how to:Create a can do mindsetUnderstand where you are on the Mind Fit MapRaise your self-awareness Understand the attitudes and behaviours that influence your performance at work and on the golf course!</p> <p>So . What next?If you really want to improve your golf and your businessVisit Mind Fit Ltd</p>