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  • The Geometric Progression of Numbers
  • The Significance of Autoship
    • About 10 years ago there was a statistical study done on AutoShip programs in network marketing.. The bottom line statistics of that study were related to AutoShip and retention rates. What they showed was that about 92% of the people who signed up on an AutoShip program when they became distributors were still with their company after 2 years, still on AutoShip, and roughly 85% of those people were earning regular commission checks.
    • On the other side of the coin, about 96% of the people who did not sign up on the AutoShip programs when they became distributors had left their company before the end of the 2-year period.
    • We know this is not realistic. Statistics show that only one out of ten continue to do the business. So, let's scale this down to 10% of this number, 97,655 10 = 9.765. So, that leaves only 9,765.
    • But, remember, each distributor spends $100 PV a month. 9,765 x $100 = $976,500. As you can see, that adds up to a tidy $976,500 dollars a month.
    • The Network Marketing industry on the average pays 5% on the wholesale volume,
    • 9,765 x $100 = $976,500 which means $48,825 a month,
    • or, $48,825 4 = $12,200, a tidy $12,200 a week!
    • "I can sign you up on AutoShip and give you a 92% chance to succeed within 2 years, or I can sign you up without AutoShip and give you a 96% chance to fail within 2 years. It's your choice."
    • 1) If you go on AutoShip when you sign up, then you'll have an 85% chance of earning regular commission checks within 2 years;
    • 2) If you sign up people in your downline on AutoShip, then 92% of them will stay with you for at least 2 years, and 85% of them will also earn regular commissions
    • and;
    • 3) If you don't sign up on AutoShip then you have a 96% chance of quitting within 2 years and, therefore, not earning commissions.
  • Autoship is absolutely critical for your success. Without it, you are only hoping for residual income.
    • The purchase of our Ardyss Internationals products creates the revenue stream that supports and enables all of the Ardyss Internationals activities; from manufacturing, marketing, distribution, to paying salaries and commissions. For Ardyss International to succeed, it is necessary for sales to grow consistently.
    • The AutoShip Plan is an important part of that sales growth, and needs to be your commitment of consistency to Ardyss International. Distributors using AutoShip to purchase their products regularly are feeling the effects of the products daily. By using the products on a regular basis, individual enthusiasm grows as they truly become a "product of the product" and develop their own best testimonial.
    • Consistency is essential to successfully building your business and your downline organization. Even on a part-time basis, consistency is a central factor in achieving success with any endeavor. A good leader leads by example. Many of the people in your organization will follow your lead.
    • Some of the people you sponsor will ask your advice and opinion of automatic monthly purchases, so it stands to reason that you must be using the AutoShip Plan before you can advise them in good faith to make that commitment.
    • In our Compensation Plan, all volume generated by your downline accrues to your credit and is the basis for your commissions. It follows then that as your downline grows; you want the purchased volume to grow, increasing every month. By making sure that the people in your organizationnew and veterans alikepurchase Ardyss Internationals products consistently, that growth is assured. Thats the strength of the AutoShip Plan.
  • Perceive it... Believe it... Achieve it!
    • Its human nature for many people to put off making their product purchases from month to month. The reasons vary, from saying that their budgets are temporarily strained, to lack of planning with their monthly expenditures. But this is directly related to the success of their own businesses. Lack of consistency in regular purchase of the Ardyss Internationals products usually is reflected in the lack of growth of their individual downlines.
    • All of the most successful Ardyss International distributors are on the AutoShip Plan. The most successful people in the Company use the products regularly. The most successful people in our Company emphasize the importance of the AutoShip Plan to the people that they sponsor to help assure their success cycle. Its really a win-win proposition for all concerned.
    • Sponsors succeed in their business because they have more people buying and using the companys products monthly. The people they sponsor succeed because they experience the effects and results of Ardyss Internationals products., causing them to become "products of the products", motivated and more enthusiastic.
    • We trust you can see and understand the incredible growth potential of our Ardyss International and get a clear idea of your own amazing power to help people by sharing the products with them, and sharing your commitment to consistency.
    • You are the only obstacle between your dreams and your reality.


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