The Importance of Profiling Personas

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  2. 2. Have heard of buyer personas, but dont know why or how they are used. Need ideas for what to track in your persona spreadsheet. Need an example of a persona-building tool. SPIDER TRAINERS CAN HELP If any of these describe you, Spider Trainers can help. We are marketing-automation architects and we will analyze your need and create a campaign for you that will ensure your return on your email- automation software investment even when youre feeling the pinch of full workloads and too- few resources. Spider Trainers is a network of more than 80 experts in email development, web development, search-engine optimization, analytics, graphic design, ad creation, multimedia creation, social-media postings, writing, and editing. We bring all of these disparate talents to bear on your project, to ensure that every functional requirement is met with the expertise it requires. Our publications are designed to help you identify need, understand the topic, and enable you to engage in development discussion. While we may be guilty of giving too much information, we know that the empowered and informed client is the successful client. We hope this guide does that for you. We look forward to learning more about your needs. Please contact us at 651 702 3793 or . YOU SHOULD READ THIS GUIDE IF YOU: 2013 SPIDER TRAINERS
  3. 3. Buyer persona Marketing persona Inbound marketing Outbound marketing User experience Marketing plan Marketing campaign Personal profile KEYPHRASES PAGE 1 2013 SPIDER TRAINERS When you're trying to buy the ideal gift for someone, you visualize them and think of their needs while you are shopping or planning to shop. You run through a mental list of needs, wants, hates, loves, interests, and perhaps ambivalence. Building personas is the same exercise, just on a commercial level. Defining personas, or profiling and documenting the needs, wants, desires, and other attributes of each type of person who buys from (or interacts with) your company is a process that will help you to: Write relevant copy that is both engaging and useful to each member of your audience. Segment your lists so that messages to the list are more targeted. Develop triggered marketing campaigns that will nurture leads and convert them to customers. Create web pages that answer actual questions and address tangible pain points. INTRODUCTION Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customers. They are based on real data about customer demographics and online behavior, along with educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations, and concerns. HubSpot
  4. 4. Although often referred to as buyer personas, personas may represent other groups as well, such as the press, analysts, and investors. Whats more, defining personas is not a marketing function, nor are the personas used strictly for marketing. Profiling your customers or visitors is a company function and input from the sales department, customer support team, and other customer-facing groups will heighten understanding that will benefit the entire organization. You can be as general or specific as you choose when drawing personas, but keep in mind that the more specificity you provide, the more targeted your messaging (or web-page content) can be. Definitions can be tracked in a simple spreadsheet or database application. As valuable as this exercise is, its one thing to be empathetic to your customers and draw them with broad strokes as you see them, but this effort can be advanced if you think of or involve your actual customers. Contemplate the profiles your top five customers represent and respond to the questions as they would, or if feasible, ask if they would be willing to complete a profile for you. Persona building is not a particularly difficult task and you dont have to get it right the first time. Take your best shot at it and refine as you go. Through testing, tracking, and tweaking of your content, you will be able to find and fill the gaps. If you need some help, click here to access our B2B persona profiler or here to access our B2C persona profiler. Here are some ideas for what you might wish to define in your personas. In most cases, you will at least list their demographics, but beyond that consider her or his: Needs Interests Judging functions (thinking or feeling) Firmographics Job title Job description Level of seniority Budget responsibility Work day Income Age group Leisure time Pain points Values Goals Preference for collecting information Preference for shopping experience Trusted advisors Position in the sales funnel More specifically: Common objections to your product or service Motivation to buy products such as yours Not all of these considerations will be relevant to your company, or you may need to add to this list, but its a good starting point that will help you to understand what makes your persona tick, and tailor communications that respond to those ticks. PERSONAS PAGE 2 2013 SPIDER TRAINERS Access our free, online persona profiler for B2B at or for B2C at