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If your daily #job routine is getting you entrapped into the ugly black hole of boredom then dont worry as all you now need to do is Challenge Yourself at Work.


  • 1. Wisestep http://content.wisestep.com/best-ways-on-how-to-challenge-yourself-at-work/32 Best Ways on How to Challenge yourself at WorkIf your daily job routine is getting you entrapped into the ugly black hole of boredom then dont worry as all you now need to dois Challenge Yourself at Work. Yes, there are big and small challenges that we face now and then in our day to day life. Theysurely are tough but not always bad! Introducing new challenges at work not only helps us in improving our performance but alsooffers us the opportunity to enhance our skills and learn to start fighting obstacles on our own.So, now if you are convinced of bringing more novel challenges for yourself at work then read on this article. This is because itwill provide you with some truly amazing ways with which your challenges bringing task for yourself will become easy andexciting.1. Introduce Job Responsibilities that are Subject to Frequent, Drastic Changes: Its true that we all prefer living in a staticcondition where frequency of occurring changes is very low. But this is what that makes our daily work style boring and tedious. So,try introducing new job responsibilities in your work that are normally not expected of you. You can bring in new projects oropportunities which if successfully completed, will provide your career with great rewards. This is an excellent way of challengingyourself at work and bringing out your best potentials for the job.2. Try Doing Well Under Pressure: Pressure is the biggest fear at work which most people avoid meeting. But if you reallywant to bring your best work out, then you should start liking working under pressure. Even during such times, companies andmanagement evaluate their employees. Mainly by expecting to deliver best results to the company even at tense situations. So, if youtruly want to use this opportunity then start enjoying working under pressure at work.3. Be a Little Competitive: Being competitive does not means that you have to hate other employees at work and show them down.Instead, you have to provide yourself the best. Develop a competitive feeling within yourself to defeat your own past goals.Competitiveness if followed right way can help you to great extent to bring the best in you. It might even impress your boss andconsider you for next promotion. So, think wise and then do the action!4. Make Yourself Self-Motivated:

2. Wisestep http://content.wisestep.com/best-ways-on-how-to-challenge-yourself-at-work/You may have given a push to others in life, but now its time that you give a push to yourself. Make yourself self-motivated as ithelps you work successfully in your work. So, try not to motivate others only but even motivate yourself as well, as this might seemsimple, but can be the trickiest challenge for you at work.5. Generate Career Independence in you: Its true that we all may require assistance of others in order to fulfill some tasks of ours.But dont make it a habit! Relying on others is fine, but do not habituate it, especially when it is related to your job or career. Youmust try fulfilling your job and work responsibilities on your own and on time. By this, you dont even have to share credit withothers, do your work yourself and enjoy eating entire cake by yourself.6. Work for Yourself: Your success and devotion will definitely bring more gains to the company, but this is not it. If you do thehard work then even you will be offered with rewards and benefits that may support you in short-term as well as long-term.Moreover, this comforts you and even helps you not to feel like a machine. If you work for yourself then you will surely not onlydeliver more effective results but will also not feel bored.7. Modify the Boring Tasks: If your job involves work that is repetitive and follows a same pattern like making excel sheets orchecking files, then you can try out ways to modify your working style. There are sites such as How-to-Geek, Life Hacker and morethat can teach you some really amazing ways to make your work even more interesting. Its time that you learn not to only work hardbut also to work smart, as only then you will be able to enjoy your work and bring out the best one in you!8. Stay Connected with Other Team Members as well: If you are working in a big company with different teams then that doesntmean that you need to communicate with members of your team only. You should try communicating and chat with employees ofother team as well. It will help you come up with more new, innovative ideas that you can apply in your or in other team to make theworking atmosphere more interesting and challenging. So, its always better to build strong communication network with other peersas well.9. Do Your Job like a Game:Game is always fun. And just like we all want to win the game we are playing, we should try winning at our job as well. Dont takeyour job responsibilities as burden. Rather consider them as game moves that helps you to win. This will make it easier for you toconduct your tasks effectively and will also help you to have excitement and fun while doing the job.10. Always Be Open to Learn New Skills: Different people employs distinct skills and styles to complete one similar task. So, ifyou are bored of using same skill for completing a particular task then dont worry. You can always learn new, unique ways fromyour seniors, co-workers or others in order to complete the task in more interesting and impressive manner.11. Create Your Own Goals and Targets: There is also a possibility that you are underestimating your own potentials. If you findthat you are easily able to fulfill your prior set goals, then its time to change. Try to extend your targets more and then try toaccomplish them successfully. If there are destinations to meet then surely you will enjoy the way. So, outline new reaching pointsfor yourself at work and levy all your efforts in achieving them in order to succeed in whatever job you do.12. Doing is better than Waiting: There is also possibility that you might be not doing a task and waiting for the perfect time tocome. And this must be making you feel bored at work. So, you should immediately change your approach towards work. You musttry hard to do things right now rather than waiting for the perfect time of phase to occur. Dont hamper your competencies and dontget hindered by your mistakes. All you need to do is trying hard and hard in order to carry your work successfully and be a winner atlast. 3. Wisestep http://content.wisestep.com/best-ways-on-how-to-challenge-yourself-at-work/13. Boost up Your Confidence: There is also chance that most of us lack confidence that is required to bring out our best potentials.But we should try to overcome such problem. So, try yourself that you are no less than others and bring back the confidence that isrequired for carrying jobs intelligently and progressively. There is no need to secure any formal training or joining self groomingclasses for this. All you need to do is make your thinking positive and utilize all intelligence that you have.14. Try Engaging Yourself in New Projects and Opportunities:There are times when you have said no to a new project or might have rejected golden opportunity. May be because you are afraidof entering into a new zone. There is always a first time for every thing and so you must not be afraid of trying something new. Byengaging with new projects or considering novel opportunities you will be able to challenge your strengths and learn effective waysto work in different environments.15. Compare not Hate: If there is any co-worker or junior employee of yours who has gained promotion or who is expert in doingmultiple things brilliantly, then you should always compare yourself with him and try win over it. This does not imply that you haveto terribly start hating that person. Instead, you should learn all goods about him and try to employ in yourself as well. This mighthelp you to improve over some areas or may also support you do any particular task easily which was difficult for you earlier. So, ahealthy comparison is always appreciable!16. Recall Your Previous Challenges and Achievements: If you are feeling bored in your present job then try to recall earlierchallenges and achievements that you have gained in your previous job. Try to recall ways that you used to employ in order to standout of the crowd. Remember, that you have been assigned with this new job because of your past experience and accomplishments.So, you must try to recall all positives and challenges that you have overcome previously as this will motivate you and may also helpyou to cross hurdles of your present job.17. Surround Yourself with People who Like Challenges: Environment in which you are working play a crucial role on yourworking mind, efficiencies and abilities. If you are going to be friends with dumb, silly or lazy employees of the company then surelyyou will not be able to win over intelligent ones. So, always try to be linked with intelligent and hard working employees of thecompany. This will help you boost up and gain knowledge from them which would help you to face challenges.18. Build a Positive Attitude: Positive attitude is very much required if you really want to generate new challenges at your work.Dont set back even before introducing a challenge. 4. Wisestep http://content.wisestep.com/best-ways-on-how-to-challenge-yourself-at-work/As this will only make you end at loss. You should be positive on your mind and tell yourself that you are capable enough ofovercoming the challenge in front of you. Dont underestimate yourself and even dont overestimate. Build a clean, positive attitudeto face your new challenge. This will also reduce work stress and will help you win the situation with ease.19. Evaluate Your Own Skills: Dont wait for others to evaluate your performance. There is no better judge of yours than your ownself! You must therefore try to evaluate your skills, weaknesses, strengths, fears and powers on timely basis in order to overcomenegative aspects and utilizing positive ones. If you are able to learn the art of respecting your strengths and overcoming your fears,then there is no challenge at work that you will not be able to win.20. Increase Your Participation in Professional Activities: Every office introduces new and different sorts of professional activitiesfor their employees. Like there are competitions, games or other such ceremonies that the company organizes to relax mental state oftheir employees. Besides this, there are also day to day professional activities happening in the company that may require yourparticipation. So, you must try to engage yourself in all such state of affairs. This will refresh your mind, helps in bringing newworking ideas and will generate healthy working environment around yourself.21. Take Initiatives: Dont always wait for your boss to call your name. If you are confident and motivated then you must try to takeinitiative for new job opportunities offered to you. Always be open to changes and try to make best of available opportunities as onlythese are the paths to your career success. Standing first in doing a work can also provide long-term benefit to your career.22. Rethink where you are and what you Always Wanted: Analyze your present situation and recall where you wanted to be atthis point of time. If you have achieved what you have planned then congrats! But if still you are not able to reach to a successfulposition then you really have to try hard. And this can be done only when you are able to introduce more challenges at work and tryto win all of them. It is therefore always better to analyze on your own your present state of being.23. Try to Overcome Your Job Blind Spots: There may be some blind spots in your work and no one will know them better thanyou. Instead of hiding these spots, you must try to combat them or completely remove them, so that you are able to work in peacefuland challenging environment.24. Getting Out of Comfort Zone: If you will outline boundaries around you and dont want to come out of it then surely you willnever be able to achieve what you desire. Every individual has to face certain issues and troubles in order to reach to the successpoint which they have dreamt of. So, this is the case with you as well. All you need to do is open yourself to new challenges of themarket and try to beat them in most eminent manner as possible. Dont entrap yourself into a defined comfort zone!25. Ask for Feedbacks: Asking feedbacks is also essential if you really want to succeed in challenges that you have outlined foryour job. You should always ask for feedback from your seniors in order to comprehend what they think of your working style andyour professional knowledge. 5. Wisestep http://content.wisestep.com/best-ways-on-how-to-challenge-yourself-at-work/If there are negative feedbacks outlined for you then dont feel sad. Instead try to judge what went wrong and try your best to alterthe entire situation.26. Acknowledge Your Flaws: Everyone has flaws and you are not the only person who is doing mistakes in your job. So, you mustacknowledge your flaws and create a challenging environment that can help you to combat your flaws at work. Doing mistakes is thestep towards improving. So, if you meet an issue, then try solving it out and moreover try not meeting it again.27. Commit Yourself Some Achievements: Your job will seem boring until and unless there are certain commitments that need tobe fulfilled. So, the best way to challenge yourself at work is to draft some achievements for yourself and try fulfilling them withinyour defined time frame. This way you can make your job more interesting and fun.28. Start with a 30-day Challenge Initially: If you are still not sure that whether you will be able to successfully fulfill thechallenges that you have outlined then the best way is to start with a crash course. You can outline challenges for your job based onone month time, i.e. 30 days. After this try all your efforts and utilize available resources to best possible means in order to fulfillthose challenges. If you succeed in it then there is no best feeling than this. For the next month you can upgrade the level ofchallenges for yourself.29. Overcome Your Job Fears First: If there are any sorts of job related fears surrounding you then firstly you must combat overthem. This need to be done prior to assigning new challenges to yourself. Once you are successful in overcoming all your workrelated fears then you can create challenges based on them in order to test yourself. This is an unique way to challenge yourself atwork as well as to overcome your job fears in easy manner.30. Remember Your Career Growth Depends on Your Job Success: This fact is of utmost importance and it should always beremembered that you need to work successfully if you want to grow in your career. If you are not able to beat small challenges ofyour...


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