Facebook as networking tool

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Social Media Tip

Social Media TipHow can you use Facebook in your job search?

What elements should you include on Facebook page for job seeking?Complete your profileFollow the companies you want to work atFind Common Interest Groups and ConferencesBuild Your NetworkAsk Your Friends for Help

Facebook use by job-seekers: How likely are you to find a job within 3 months?ByMoira BurkeonThursday, March 14, 2013 at 7:27amRobert Kraut and Moira Burke surveyed about 3,000 Facebook users

Facebook Tools

Control who sees your Facebook posts

Facebook Tools

Hold private conversations on Facebook

Facebook Tools

Find and friend colleagues on Facebook

Facebook Tools

Demonstrate your social media savvy and leadership on Facebook pages

Facebook Tools

Join Facebook groups with people who share common interests and values

Facebook Tools


Create categories of Facebook friends to target news feeds