Personal Branding Aussie style - Tips for Australians on How to Build Your Personal Brand without Selling Your Soul.

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Personal Branding Aussie style - Tips to Build Your Brand without Selling Your Soul. Presentation for Australians on strategies to build your credibility and visibility for a successful career through effective personal branding and career practices. Discover how to develop, strengthen and promote your brand through easy steps without compromising yourself, your integrity and hopefully without feeling like a turkey.


  • PERSONAL BRANDING FOR AUSSIES Building Your Credibility Without Selling Your Soul
  • Australians generally HATE self-promotion
  • Suggesting to some Australians that they build their personal brand is akin to asking them to dance naked sooo not going to happen.
  • Because a lot of people in Australia think personal branding looks like this
  • But the world of work has changed. Job certainty is a thing of the past. Success today rests on our ability to build a reputation for excellence in our identified field.
  • Everyone needs a strong brand. Brands promote trust and in fast-moving times employers are looking for people they know they can trust.
  • What many people dont realise is you already have a brand.
  • Your personal brand is simply what others say when you are not in the room
  • The question then is Is what they are saying what you want in line with your goals? If its not or you dont know you need to work on your brand.
  • So how do you build your brand without feeling like a rampant self-promoter?
  • 1. BE AUTHENTIC Australians hate fake anything. Dont try and be something that you are not. Simply identify clearly what makes you valuable in the work or marketplace.
  • 2. Use your strengths 70% of people dont use their talents each day in the workplace. This is often simply because others dont know what they are. What are you known for? Building relationships? Influencing positive change? Creating new ideas? Improving old ideas? Analysing data trends? Writing catchy content? Designing new programs? Helping people Learn? Find your signature skills and talents.
  • 3. DONT PROMOTE EVIDENCE! t ea d Ins his of t Hate Having To Self-promote? When You Need To Communicate Your Skills in a Resume, Work Bio or your LinkedIn profile dont brag evidence! It feels more comfortable and is a better indicator of your skills. IIhave top notch widget design skills and great problem solving abilities have top notch widget design skills and great problem solving abilities WRITE THIS. WRITE THIS. >>>> Designed aanew widget for Acme Pty Ltd that resolved production quality >>>> Designed new widget for Acme Pty Ltd that resolved production quality issues and saved the business more than 2000 hours in rework in its first year issues and saved the business more than 2000 hours in rework in its first year
  • 4. BUILD YOUR COMMUNITY THROUGH COLLABORATION Collaboration is a great simple way to build your visibility and credibility in your field. Dont think of it as networking think of it as helping your mates. Build real relationships with people inside and outside the organisation that will help you and your business be successful. Look for opportunities to help others through your knowledge and skills.
  • 5. PRACTICE YOUR PITCH Most of us hate talking about ourselves so you need to practice. Be prepared so you can answer the question Who are You in a way that tells others more about what your signature talents are and how you use them to help others, and less about your job title. You are so much more than that.
  • 5. FEEL FREE TO BE REAL Real is interesting and we like interesting in Australia. Dont just build a persona, let others know the true you your passions, interests and story. (Within reason of course - just keep it clean and professional. )
  • Dare to Be You
  • To find out more about Personal Branding or our Personal Branding Corporate Workshops contact Outplacement Australia Pty Ltd Brisbane ~ Perth ~ Sydney ~ Melbourne ~ Adelaide Ph: 1300 061 009 |


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