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Stand Out in Your Job Search Create an Infographi c Resume

Stand Out in Your Job Search: Create an Infographic Resume

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Applying for a job used to require two pieces of paper: a resume and an application. Times have changed. Infographic resumes are in, and they’re not just for designers. Free online tools are popping up every day to help anyone create a dynamic, visual resume—adding panache without sacrificing substance for style. Grab a hiring manager’s attention in seconds. Create a powerful digital presence & digital content for your personal brand. #infographicresume #visualresume #jobsearch #visual

Text of Stand Out in Your Job Search: Create an Infographic Resume

  • Stand Out in Your Job Search Create an Infographic Resume
  • 71 %of the U.S. labor force is in the job market.
  • > 100 applications received by an average job posting Did You Know 2013 Source of Hire Report
  • applications/year > 7.6 million ~ millionThe Wall Street Journal > 1 million applications/year applications/year
  • 6 seconds How long a recruiter looks at your resume Did You Know TheLadders
  • 84% Trust recommendations from people they know Did You Know
  • 94% 65% 55% 18% Jobvite 2014
  • Employers found online content that made them more likely to hire someone. CareerBuilder study July 2014
  • Personality is good fit within company culture 46% Background information supported qualifications for the job 45% Site conveyed a professional image 43% Well-rounded, showed wide range of interests 40% Great communication skills 40% Creative 36% Awards and accolades 31% Great references 30% Interacted with companys social media accounts 24% Large amount of followers or subscribers 14%
  • content without images content with images Skyword
  • Infographic search volumes increased over 800% in two years. - Unbounce
  • Image credit
  • Did You Know Social Science Research Network
  • Doubled the time were online 25+% More Users
  • 93% of all human communication is visual. Albert Mehrabian, Psychologist Did You Know
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  • Creating a stunning infographic Using your infographic resume Learning from successful job seekers
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