Tips on how to create a resume

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  • Tips on How to Create a Resume

  • A resume can be made in many different ways, and there are many articles which gives suggestions on what to write in a resume, in order to make it stand out from the rest of the candidates.

    But before writing a resume it is necessary to create one, which can be done by following these simple steps-:

    Make a Resume Draft - Making a rough draft of the resume, gives a clear understanding to the job seeker as what should be included in it. For example- if you have 10-15 years of job experience then it is not necessary to include every detail about your work history, but you can simply state I have 13 years of experience and just mention about the latest 2-3 work experiences.

  • Things to keep in mind while creating a resume -

    Whether an objective statement has been written that describes your personality, skills and efficiency in doing a job?Whether the resume is up-to-date or does it need some changes?Does the contact information is added correctly?Does the reference-sheet included?Whether the date of the job experience is written in a correct order?Whether the competencies, achievements, projects have a separate section within a resume?

    If you have a checklist containing these type of questions, then it can help you to make a better resume.

  • Create a Cover letter Draft -With a resume the cover letter is also sent, so check whether all the sentences are framed properly and there are no typing mistakes. Before making a full-fledged cover letter edit it and make it as per the job position you have applied for.

    Here are some questions you should ask yourself when creating a cover letter draft-:

    Whether the letter has active words?Is there any shortcut words used in the letter?Whether the letter address the person at the company?Whether the letter is edited as per the job position?Whether the cover letter highlights some key achievements and skills as per the job position you are applying for?

  • Once these things are taken into consideration while creating a resume and a cover letter, then it becomes quite easy to make a final copy.

    Making a rough resume and cover letter can be a time-consuming process but it can make you confident as well as sure that you have made an error-free resume and cover letter.

    Making a resume requires skill, so it is recommended if you follow these simple tips then you will become an expert in making a resume.