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It might be simpler waiting for additional cash when you're at present being offered a vocation than attempting to get a raise when you really have one. On the off chance that the occupation is truly your dream part, you may discover you're ready to be more adaptable. Notwithstanding, one must dependably attempt and evaluate the circumstances and be ready to take the right choice.

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  • 1. During the last few years, We has successfully written hundreds of resumes for candidates across the country in over 35 different industries. From the student or entry level position to the CEO, our unique, custom-made resumes are written specifically to match the goals and desires of our clients and to help them land jobs. Our commitment to client satisfaction is unmatched by any other Online career services company. Every resume we write starts with a blank piece of paper. We are offering 100% customer satisfaction guarantee that you will be completely happy with our work. If youre not completely satisfied, we promise to tear up the resume and start again. That is our commitment to you. We deliver all our products with the similar passion and commitment. Our career consultants act as a career strategist and master of Achievement Based resume writing. Recognized as an expert in the field of resume writing. With a love for what we do our team of consultants are passionate about providing every customer with the ultimate first class-treatment and ensuring that their new resume will open doors and opportunities for their clients.
  • 2. Career Assistance Resume Assistance Emerging Career Salary Assistance Interview Assistance
  • 3. Interview Assistance Resume Assistance Salary Assistance Emerging Careers Career Change Mistakes to Avoid Most common Interview mistakes , How to nail the interview Follow up tips post interview Writing a good CV Tips & advice Why do you need a Cover letter Your first resume Top CV mistake to avoid Dont talk about salary soon If asked about salary right away, change the topic Do you research & negotiate to prepare Certificate course in jewelry retailing Chartered Financial Analyst Fabric Design Printing Technology
  • 4. UV is the only portal which will provide the quickest , relevant & most reliable services for job seekers. Strategically written resume and or cover letter designed to target hiring managers and recruiters with targeted keywords. 100% Interview Guarantee through out team of experienced HR. with largest experience in the industry . Jobs are well sorted as per different parameters for accurate match. The database is not restricted to any particular industry or region. Package Price : Rs 3000
  • 5. We writes personalized resume whereas competition uses standardized template for resume writing. Highlights your skills and achievements with visuals, besides textual details Visuals help improve authenticity of your resume. Multiple detailed telephonic consultations with Resume Writer . Cover letter to introduce you to potential employers . A well crafted resume that showcase your skills and strengths & increases your chances of getting short listed. Product Price : Rs.3000
  • 6. With UV all-new Profile Verification Service, you can now have your profile credentials verified and then apply to jobs to get shortlisted by recruiters instantly. A verified profile always gets an advantage over an unverified profile and will help you gain recruiters trust. Current Employment Verification : Rs.5100 Past Employment Verification : Rs.2460 Combo Current + Past Employment verification : Rs. 3600 Highest Education Verification : Rs.2460 Employment + Education Verification : Rs. 5100 Send the scan copy of Documents & verification Form at [email protected]
  • 7. Connect YOU with thousands of recruiters or Consultants Nationally . CV Blast is a unique industry-targeting resume distribution service, designed to facilitate the candidates who are seeking new career opportunities. Our attractive package connects you with top consultants nationally and globally. Our premier network of consultants offers most desirable opportunities at the first go. Select your preferred services : If you are looking for a Region specific reach than we have a customized solution for you Package Price : Rs.2100 Delivery TAT : 15 Working Days,
  • 8. Our attractive package also connects you with top leading companies Globally. We will forward your CV to MNCs and they will offer most desirable opportunities at the first go as per your preferences. We have a special team of recruiters who will search jobs for you and will schedule your interview with the top leading companies as well. Select your preferred services : Expand your reach and get connected to International jobs. Our partner consultants in Gulf can turn your dream in to a reality. Get connected with International jobs Package Price : Rs.2100 Delivery TAT : 15 Working Days
  • 9. ONLINE OFFLINE Debit Card Cash Credit Card Cheque Net Banking Note: Customer can drop a Cheque /Cash in HDFC & AXIS Bank