The latest top 10 strategic technology trends

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The latest top 10 strategic technology trends, a presentation from Gartner

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  • 1. THE LATEST TOP 10 STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY TRENDS Chris Shayan, Software Solution Architect, Pyramid Consulting According to Gartner Report

2. Who Am I? 3. My Start-Ups Previous Ones New Ones in VN 4. Who? RESEARCH The most comprehensive collection of analysis and advice for the users and vendors of technology. IT KEY METRICS DATA Detailed spending and staffing metrics and insight into the performance of IT functions. CONTRACT REVIEW Complete, independent and objective assessment of buyer-seller situations. 5. What Gartner does? 6. What Gartner does? 7. Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends 8. MOBILE DEVICES BATTLES 9. MOBILE APPS AND HTML5 10. PERSONAL CLOUD 11. THE INTERNET OF THINGS 12. HYBRID IT AND CLOUD COMPUTING 13. STRATEGIC BIG DATA Big Data Drives Rapid Changes in Infrastructure and $232 Billion in IT Spending Through 2016 14. Actionable Analytics 15. INTEGRATED ECOSYSTEMS 16. ENTERPRISE APP STORES 17. Life creates questions, together we can write answers. -- Josh Questions and Answers