7 Ingenious Ways to Use Egress Windows in Your Home

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  • 7 Ingenious Ways to Use Egress Windows in Your Home

    Install egress windows that are not only functional but fashionable with these ideas.

  • What are egress windows?Egress windows are windows large enough for exit or entry in case of an emergency. They are typically required when

    finishing a basement and are paired with egress window wells that have either steps or a ladder to make the escape

    easier. Basement egress windows must comply with the local residential code.

    The Advantages of Having Egress Windows:

    They increase the value of your home (by increasing the overall livable square footage)

    They provide proper escape plans and routes

    They provide additional comfort by improving the lighting

    They improve the look of your home, depending on your choice of materials

    Heres 7 stylish ways to incorporate egress windows into your home:

  • 1. Open your egress windows up to meet a patio.

    This homeowner turned their egress window wells into a secluded patio space that is out of the sun and wind that lets in much more light to the basement and is easier to clean.

  • 2. Lighten Up a Basement Bedroom

    When well-planned, an egress window can add light and space to an otherwise dreary basement bedroom.

  • 3. Give it an attractive finish.You need to be able to reach the egress window with a ladder or stairs. Why not make it attractive?

  • 4. Give It A Terrace. With a terraced window well for your egress window, you not only get an emergency escape route, but also planting beds and a view as part of an egress window project.

  • 5. Its the perfect place for a garden.

  • 6. Cover It.

    An attractive egress window cover not only looks stylish, it protects your emergency exit from the elements.

  • 7. Frame It.

    Use your favorite materials to add flair to your egress windows.

  • A-Core Offers Upscale Egress Window InstallationIf youre looking for a professional company that can install egress windows, contact A-Core, Utahs concrete cutting specialists. We know the code regulations and finish every one of our projects with precision. Call us at (800) 367-3620 or visit www.a-core.com to request a free quote today.